Wierd problem with AIM...

Whenever I make a direct connection, I can’t send files. From my end, it looks like they send extremely quicky, and from what I’m told it simpl locks up onthe other end.

I have no problem RECIEVING files, only sending them.

Anyone kinow what the problem may be?

Hmm I had similar problems a few times. At the other end, does it say something like “For greater results make sure your buddy is using the latest version of AIM”? Something like that? Makre sure you both yes, have the latest version, and check your options again to make sure everything is enabled and checked. Maybe sign out and back in, both of you.

Well that was what we did for buddy file transfer…maybe that has something to do with direct connecting?

I know I have the latest version, and I reminded most of my friends to upgrade. We have no problem CONNECTING, but AIM freezes if I try to send anything, like a picture or a sound.

Maybe someone else has a firewall or something uh.

Firewalls and routers.
Direct connections’ worst enemies.

Eesh…I AM behind a router…what would I have to do in order to send this stuff?

how the heck do you make a direct connection?

i cant figure out how to.

If you’re behind a router, you need to enable DMZ or port forwarding. The former is a brute force approach (and it won’t let any other computers on your LAN share stuff), so port forwarding is preferable. If I had more time, I could explain how you go about doing it, but it’s different for each router brand. And you have to get into your router’s configuration, which most people don’t know how to do.

Do a google search for “port forwarding” and that will probably be a good start.

Any and alll help is VERY much appreciated. I know very little of the echnical stuff. Thanks.