Wierd Anime Stuff


No, the credits say it has 3D cg

But they really need to make more fully celled anime these days. Look at lodoss war. That ova has freaking awesome animation, and it’s all cel

In like, 4 seconds of the entire anime, total. When Naota gets hit by the bike and spins, and when naota flies at ninamo and she kisses him (also spinning).

So it doesnt’ count

IN fact, gainax isn’t terribly reliant on cg in their newer works.

They’re done on a computer, you fool. They’re just made to look like cels. Just because they’re not in 3D doesn’t mean the anime wasn’t drawn on a computer.

Why are you arguing about this?

Cause he has to be right.

watching the anime was highly amusing, but i never saw a point. now that you all have put forth the point that there is no point, i can get beack to mindlessly entertaining myself. cheers :toast:

Okay. so i was wrong. All this anime I saw, and I didn’t know they use computers to make them loko like cels. What the heck?

What would be Gainax’s final production that was all cel? Well, FLCL isn’t

I found FLCL rather amusing, though it’s not something I’ll go back and rewatch. I think one dose was enough. I didn’t hate it, but it never did manage to hit a green light either.

Anyway… Cless, a new way of curing cancer is being developed in which the blood flow to the tumour is cut off, causing the tumour to wither and die (does not work for brain cancer, obviously). Does that cover FLCL as well?

is there anything else along the lines of weird anime? FLCL’s pretty odd, but is it one of a kind, or are there others at least remotely as wierd?

There is plenty of weird anime. But what type of weird are you looking for?

Weird-confusing, weird-wacky, weird-creepy, weird-suspenseful, etc.

Well, the style of FLCL is in Melody of Oblivion, Abenobashi Mahou Shoutengai, Re: Cutie Honey, and The Ugly and Beutiful world. But not the comedy style. The eva manga is from the same artist as the flcl manga

Now my brother likes to watch weird ass anime like mind game. Now he’s into watching anime shorts. I think they have artificial creativity (not FLCL, the anime my brother watches).

Well, Perfect Blue and the End of Evangelion are pretty weird in a simliar way

Oh, do I ever wish that it did :stuck_out_tongue:

i guess a combination of wierd-wacky and wierd-confusing.

I know plenty of confusing anime, but not so much wacky. I never really got into the comedic stuff. I am more of an action/sci-fi anime fan.

i generally like comedic stuff stuck between the serious parts. think art gallery in hellsing, book two, when seras and the tour walk through just as anderson and alucard are about to fight. that was funny, but it was between the serious stuff. anyway, i like the funny stuff to watch, but not really pay attention to. just to break up the serious stuff.