Wierd Anime Stuff

i was over at my friends house and we started watching a show called FLCL on his computer. nothing really made sense to me. robots kept popping out of the main characters head and setting the city on fire. basically, if it didn’t make sense, you could see it. does this show have a point? the only thing i didn’t see that could have made it stranger would have been Mr. T.

Fooly Cooly is a very weird show. I’ve only seen like three of the episodes. I gave up on it.

FLCL is like the cancer of anime

Or the cure for cancer of anime.

God I love that show.

Steve is right. By the way. the cure for cancer is radiation therapy which will make your hair fall out, leave you weak and miserable, and maybe even kill you.

It’s not a cure, it’s a treatment.
The cure for cancer is pure, unadulterated awesome.

Tell that to Caillou >:(

I thinks its kinda odd, but its pretty funny. It also leaves you hanging until like the last episode.

FLCL r t3h d3v0l!

the whole thing is mindlessly amusing and makes no sense. how does it leave you hanging?

I really like this magna, and marginally enjoy the anime, so prepare to have your balls ripped out Mr. Cless. >:(

There is no “story”. Its slice-of-life. There is a central theme connecting each of the episodes, but that really isn’t a strong connection.

I really feel perplexed when people can’t just enjoy FLCL. Do you honestly have a hard time watching an anime that doesn’t have a SUPER DEEP THEOLOGICAL ARTSY story or whatever? Do you have to take yourself seriously at all times? Its a hit or miss. You’re either going to LOVE FLCL, or hate it.

The anime itself is great compared to other anime, but when compared to the FLCL manga, it sucks. The FLCL manga is great because it has such a unique style (the anime tries to refelect this using different genga-men for each scene, but its not the same), and goes into way more detail. Once you finish the anime, i suggest going and reading the manga, as having pre-knowledge of the characters and plot helps you enjoy the manga more.

So yea. Just enjoy it. Personally, FLCL is one of my favorite animes, and it totally got me started on the pillows, which are also one of my favorite bands :stuck_out_tongue:

I didn’t see what was so deep about it, or see any symbolizm. But I didn’t really see waht the point was. I just saw it, and i barely remember what happened

It was sweet, though

It just didn’t seem interesting at all to watch something that made no sense at all. I only watched the first episode, but don’t really see much of a point in watching the rest. It’s not that i necessarily want something deep and artsy, just want there to be something to understand. I’ve heard it explained as a homage to other animes, is that true?

Like you said it is hit or miss.

FLCL has resulted in otakus making some awesome AMVs

God! If there’s anything I hate in the world, it’s that those stupid FLCL fanboys think the anime is symbolic. Then they start rambling on about how the guitar at the end of the series was a sign of a sequel.

You want to know what the point of the show was? The staff at Gainax wanted to test their techniques so they just add some random script that’s not meant to make any sense whatsoever.

No really, FLCL is so deep and philosophical that it puts Jesus and Sun Tzu to shame. rolls eyes

On a serious note, I didn’t like it. I did find some of the crossovers funny though but you could live without this title.

Cactu, it actually does have a “deeper meaning” behind it.

The main theme behind the story happens to be hitting puberty, etc. Not the deepest thing in the world, but it’s still deeper than “omgblowshitup” or “omgfightfightfight.”

The animation and music are great. The characters have a lot of personality. There were only 6 episodes. This is why I liked FLCL.

I personally thought it was awesome.If there is one thing that bores the hell out of me is the ability to predict the storyline of…well basically anything.In FLCL, I never would know what was going to happen next.I guess its similar to abstact art.What will become of it depends on your eyes and perception.

“Not the deepest thing in the world, but it’s still deeper than “omgblowshitup” or “omgfightfightfight.””

Actually, a lot of anime don’t have much fighting. Usually less than a minute of fighting in each episode, and a lot of episodes without fighting. The anime that DOES have a lot of action is like Project A Ko, Amon Legend, and V Gundam

I can’t think of that many anime that just have a bunch of senseless fighting. That’s more like action movies

That isn’t the truth at all. FLCL was made as the last anime fully done by cel, and not by computer at Gainax. It was their “going away gift” to cel art. And beside, the script was already laid out in the manga, they just adapted it.