Wi-fi + PS2

Since I’ve just moving house, I can NOT Install CAT5 cabling or any other networking cables around my house. But I do have a Good Wi Fi box.

I don’t know how to connect my PS2 in my room to the internet, and the router is inaccessable for most of the time for PS2. Its a 70 000 or small one.

But I’m stuck with conecteing over WiFi.

Since My PC ('98) is currently being upgreaded, (Hopefully to FF11 standard) and It currently contains a standard Network card.

My considered options and unsure upon implementaion

A receving WiFi Router to conect with PC and PS2?

A WiFi card for PC and set up net tranfer through to ps2?

or I could just get a Wifi card for Pc and buy a long peaice of cat5 from main router to PS2 and use my mum’s TV


I honestly have no idea what you’re asking, but I install wireless routers for a living, so I should probably try to answer.

You could set up the wireless router wherever is convenient, put a wireless card in your PC, get a wireless access point for the PS2, and use them both wirelessly. I think that’s what you’re asking about… O_o

I’ve got a GameCube with adapter and a “New” Slimline PS2 (70 000 series) both with Ethernet sockets… I want to connect to my internet concection. But 'Net’s in another room to my game consoles and the Proposed location for my PC.

I would have CAT5 cabling to my room, but Since my mum/owner says No or out. My Mum has set up a Wifi network.

Since my PC is currently being upgreaded and My cashflow is low. The PC could have a big upgrade, but I can currenlty buy any new H/w and install it with little diffulty.

I would like to know which method is to Connect both my Slimline PS2 and Gamecube to a wi-fi net connection?

  1. Wi-fi Card in PC, get 98/(me)/2000 to tranfer net conection to cat5 to PS2/cube? (I have problems with IRQ with sound card and Paraaell port and Cat 5 Net-card and Descent 1)

  2. Wi-fi router to PC and PS2?

  3. Don’t Bother and only connect when Mum is out by 20ft cat 5 from the attcual conections and use her TV ?

To concect to my Wi-fi lan you need to know “hidden” network name and password. (I do have both details since I helped set it up.)

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Your views and ideas please

You need what are called Wireless Access points, which are essentially Wireless > CAT converters. I’ve never actually set one up, but I assume you set up all the pertinant information either by connecting it to your PC, or through a USB connection or something.

And PLEASE! At least TRY and look over your posts for coherence.

That one was far more coherent, be nice.

Here’s what I would suggest. Get a wireless access point (which, these days, is known as a wireless receiver, or something along those lines). Linksys offers one that they call the <A HREF=“http://www.linksys.com/products/product.asp?grid=33&scid=38&prid=667”>Wireless Gaming Adapter</A>, which you could set up in your room. It would receive the wireless signal in your room, which you could then plug in to your PS2, GCN, or PC. Or, if you’re so inclined, you could connect a Ethernet Hub (or a CAT5 Hub, or a RJ45 Hub, depending on what you call it), which you could then connect to all three, allowing you to use all three wirelessly.