why we fight trailer

yeah, this looks pretty good: http://www.sonyclassics.com/whywefight/


It does.

The director of that was on the Daily Show last night, and he made a number of good points. I doubt I’ll get to see the movie myself though (movies released in ‘select’ theatres never get up here) but I imagine it should be worth going to.

i fight trailer because i are strong >:(

We fight for our right to party.


I still find it weird how many CIA people don’t like American imperialism, when they’re to do with a large amount of it. Anyway, this looks good and actually somewhat balanced.

[b]Why we fight /b

Free world vs. Slave world
Freedom vs. Power
Weakness vs. Strength
A single totalitarian world-wide conspiracy.

Sixty years later, some of the actors are still performing, but the roles have evolved slightly.