Why was the artwork so crappy for American releases of Super Famicom RPG'S?

I think they nailed it with Chrono Trigger’s artwork…All that kiddy looking stuff would have initially turned me off of it…

Personally, I’d be complaining about the translations more than the artwork. BoF1 was alright, but BoF2 was so… bleh.

I don’t think it’s crappy at all. What, if you dislike American video game artwork, that suddenly makes you rise up in the ranks of japanese video game authority?

Damn Wapanese.

Yeah, but who can you blame for something like that? Deadlines and the intricities of the language change made some things virtually impossible to do properly translation-wise…I think they should do a few re-releases w/better translations now that they have the ability to do truer versions, but I don’t blame anyone (not even Ted) for the shotty translations NA got (and/or continues to get) sometimes…

Both SNES BoF’s were really crappy when it came to translation. BoF1 had a better translation, but BoF2 was a better game. What makes me so freaking angry is that they didn’t even try to fix either one when they ported them for GBA.

I think some companies might not even know about the translational errors and changes, a lot of that kind of stuff obviously happens in post, and mostly overseas (in NA or where-ever)…So many of the project leaders don’t know about the changes (I could cite a few name changes in CT that Kato didn’t initially know about).

As long as the game is fun, I don’t cry about it and stay happy.

I certainly do not think that on the whole North American box art is bad. Most cartridges have plenty of detail and colour for my taste, and seem to reflect, decently at the very least, the theme and setting of the game.

I personally do not find anime/manga art that appealing at all: I find it more unrealistic and exaggerated, and even more childish, than the art of North American and European comics. I am well aware that anime and manga are for all ages in Japan, but I nevertheless fail to take it as seriously as I might an animated film or comic of western origin simply because of my cultural surroundings.

The top left might be Tir, and the guy on the middle left, uhhh Futch?

I could point out that there a Moogle and Sword on FF3US and FF6 (Jap) has Terra on her “Walker” as in the PSX Verstions, both are the SNES cart games.

Hey!! The Uk Ver has the Logo since 7 and Retroactivly 6 (Like the Jap BTW), but after the look on Ebay US Boxes have the Main characters on the cover.

They games are made to look differnent so that store clerks have an idea where that game came from. Nintendo have a code which the last 3 letters are the area of orgin. (I reguallry Come across -UKV or -EUR )

Big nutter
With FF6 Amarno Wins Hands down…

The Orgins PSX Boxes have The cover Art work from the Jap vertions FF1 for UK and FF2 for the US.

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I’m surprised that no one mentioned Cosmic Fantasy 2 yet. I’d scan it, but no scanner or digital camera.