Why video game movies suck

I’m just amazed no one’s put Metal Gear Solid on the big screen yet- there’s a game where you’re living it and watching it in equal measure. Actually, you’re usually doing more watching than anything else, come to think of it. :-/

Hey, anyone remember that FF7 movie they made? I think they called it The Spirits Within.

Anyway, the Resident Evil movies kick fucking ass provided you don’t take them seriously. I mean, how could you not love a 9 foot zombie with a rocket launcher and a minigun? Oh wait, there was that part about getting his ass kicked by a little fucking girl… that was a bummer… oh wait, she was HOT!!! So the movie redeems itself.

I actually enjoyed a lot of the movies mentioned here so far. I think the problem a lot of people have with them is that they tend to try and look too hard for comparisons to their game counterparts. If you watched Super Mario Bros or Resident Evil without any knowledge of their game-tie-in status, you’d probably find them a lot more enjoyable.

Metal Gear Solid games would probably work very well as a movie. It’s be the easiest of all to do since you’d just have to cut stuff here and there.

Yea. I can’t remember if MGS2 was a good movie i watched, or a bad game i played.

Hell, the only problem they would have are the times when the story is told through codec. Who would want to watch 2 pictures of people talk to each other? XD

My problem with the vast majority of video game movies isn’t how they’re not like the games, but how the stories and acting and scripts were so fucking bad they wanted to make me cry.

I’m hoping the upcoming Silent Hill movie won’t fall through those traps. With half of Team SH working on it (Monsters, Music, Sounds, etc…), the director would really need to mess up… and seeing how Konami is closely monitoring the progress… he’d get his ass sued if he fucked up majorly.

The last time I saw the SMB movie, I thought: Wow, that’s the most references to SMB I’ve ever seen. Speaking of which, I had a dream about playing SMB … Bowser looked sort of like Kraid did in the original Metroid …

Eh, it kinda makes sense if you think about it. Videogame movies only cater to a very small segment of the moviegoing public, so they can’t really afford to waste a ton of money on great writers and actors for a cult flick.

I thought the super mario brothers movie was good. They should have done something that actually, ya know, mattered with toad.

Yeah, saw this posted elsewhere. I fear for humanity.

That script that Sin just had alone completely slaughtered any prospect of this movie being remotely good. God I thought this at least would be better than a Riddick movie but fuck man…you don’t do that do a true gem like Doom. Now I can only imagine them laying waste to Half-Life and HL2…truly great games. I mean of course those games have more story line, but you don’t copy games like that or characters like that sketch-ball G-man…shame to all those who came up with the Doom movie.

Remember…you thought you had seen bad…

There are Soul Calibur and Tekken live-action movies in the works. I fear for humanity if I ever get to see them.

I don’t remember Spirits within having anything to do with FF7, and isn’t the yet to be released CG-animated FF7 movie called Advent Children?

And If there is a Tekken or Soul Calibur Live action movie, I fear that it’d be even worse than Street Fighter(Which I didn’t mind at first, but then I realized the Irony in casting Jean Claude Van Damme as Guile, now that made no sense.).

Yeah, what dizzy said. It had nothing to do with ff7, just had to do with sucking. Lots of sucking.

I think that he is referring to how FF7 andThe Spirit Within had many things in common.

“Many” is an understaement. Every single plot element was a blatant FF7 rip. They ripped the fucking LIFESTREAM and renamed it “Gaia” for fuck’s sake.

The biggest problem, as I see it, is that “Final Fantasy” (unlike the actual games) had something to do with the plot. :3

It’s okay Hades, I ranted about the same thing when it came out but my friends all stoned me for my insolence.