Why video game movies suck


They want a Doom movie but… “everyone was keen to keep the game’s atmosphere”, though there are some “minor” changes done to the film’s concept: The monsters have nothing to do with hell, the plot is not taking place on Mars and “space marines” are not well “space marines” as their outfits are more like SWAT team members."

This reminds me of this PA strip. I don’t know how the hell it happens that these kind of bad ideas keep coming back. The scenario presented sounds like another stereotyped combination of patches from different bad movies. Like Resident Evil crossed with 13 ghosts or something.

The point is, with the exception of Mortal Kombat, there has never been a video game based movie that could meet the standards of the fans. And I don’t mean the die-hard fanatics that point out the smallest mistake just for the sake of bitching about it, these movies don’t even satisfy those people that even remotely know what the games are about.

I’m praying day and night for the Metroid movie to go well.

Of course they suck. They’re compared to something they’re nothing alike, a videogame.

However unlikely it is, if they don’t fuck up the Metroid movie, I will forgive every shitty VG movie ever made and yet to come.

However, if they sluttify Samus, I’m going to have to kill many things. With fire. Lots of fire.

D’oh, d’oh, d’oh, d’oh, d’oh, d’oh… I smell another Super Mario Bros. coming along.

That said, though, the Mortal Kombat movies were good- they went out of their way to pay homage to the VG series. Even when they bent the canon slightly (such as having Sub Zero and Scorpy on the same side) they tried to comply to the norms (by saying that they hate each other but have to work together for Shang Tsung). Surprisingly, movie bosses haven’t realised this is how to turn a VG-inspired film into an above-average (or at the very least, average) film. :-/

Actually, only the first Mortal Kombat was good, the rest were pretty crappy.

I gotta be the only person in the history of civilazation who liked the street fighter and double dragon movies. Then again, I was 11 when I first saw them, and was into them way too much to care about accuracy.

Mortal Kombat: Anhiliation was probably the worst videogame movie ever. But, Doom looks like it’s going to take that title.

Annihilation wasn’t nearly as good as the first one, but it still was miles ahead of shit like Street Fighter. And yes, DR, you are probably the only one.

I hope that doesn’t inspire the Metroid movie to make changes to the plot location.

You all seem to be forgetting someone.

I don’t see how they could have screwed this up. People have made cool movies about nothing but shooting zombies before.

And they put in random screens of the games for no reason.

It’s all because mostly they make movies out of games whose plots are not good enough for movies. This thing only gets worse as time passes, and I think they’ll even get to make a movie out of RO or Gunbound someday.

Now, if they made a movie from the Monkey Island series, that would kick nine kinds of ass.

Oh dear God, that would be hil-fricking-larious! I also want the damn fifth MI to come out and be good, dammit!

WTF? It’s like they took Aliens, ripped it off, and combined it woth a zombie shooter flick.

They should make a movie based on Monopoly. Or maybe tic-tac-toe. Now that would be exquisite.

Here’s my two cents

I hope Metroid bucks this disturbing trend. But I think Hollywood will screw this up too. But then again, if the Metroid movie is good, then it wouldn’t be the first good movie to feature a female protagonist annihilating aliens with big guns.

IMO the worst VG movie of all time is the Super Mario Bros. Movie. I saw it when I was ten and it made me cry with how god-awful it was.

Bad, yes. But I liked it. ^_^;

I’ve never understood why studios would make videogame movies. Videogames are fun because they are interactive. Movies are not. Resident Evil’s story is great, but it is alot better when you are living it, than just watching it.