Why rugby>american football and the welsh>everyone else


best story I’ve heard in ages :smiley:

I didn’t actually click the link, but you’re damn right, based on the title.


This was already posted and you’re wrong.

Damn right the Welsh > everyone else.

All that shows is that sports fans around the world are stupider than American sports fans.

Being better than football is hardly a measure of greatness. Go Hockey.

But yeah, thank god that guy cut off his own testicles. Now he can’t spread his tainted welsh genes. Score one for darwin.

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I’m also angry cuz you quoted a horrible grammatical mistake that no one should ever be aware of. Of course you understand that now I have to kill everybody that saw it.

Yeah, that avatar of Janet Reno is so hot and sexy…

I disagree. This is much better.

I find power sexy, very very sexy

So, people doing stupid things means they’re better than other people?

Arizona has an even uglier Janet:

Janet Napolitano

I dunno. Still ugly, but at least I can tell she’s female. Janet Reno, on the other hand, …well…you get the picture.

On another note, who in their right mind cuts off his own testicles?

It says in the article he isn’t in his right mind. It’s in there.

Now is when I am especially proud to have some Welsh heritage. :thud: