Why Metroid Prime 2 is not game of the year material

The game is a fucking chore. I just got the Screw Attack and I’m trying to get the 3rd Hive key and urgh. The entire time, the game hasn’t been so bad. Its a lot like MP1, but the thing is, the music is so bad in MP2 and sometimes the visuals are just so… badly positioned I think that the game just looks awkward. The game isn’t hard, I disagree with what I’ve heard about gamers. I have rarely EVER died up to now and have had much ease taking stuff out. Most of the time, if I died or just quit was because of something really stupid or anal, like I died against Chykra because my seeker missile targeting wasn’t work and I couldn’t understand why for the first time I tried to kill it. Then there are monsters that take too long to kill, like those that make you have to Ctrl-alt-del your power suit. Neat concept, but I don’t like having to kill 2-3 every time I re-enter a room when I’m exploring the immediate adjacent area since they’re long and tedious to kill. By no means do I think MP2 is hard. The game is just tedious.

I think what also adds to the tedium is the fetch questy nature of the game. Usually, you get your weapons and shit, that’s what Metroid is about. Now, you get keys. LOTS of keys. The fucking last stage has 9 mother fucking keys hidden throughout the game, which is tedious to have to go through back and forth. If only the music was better it’d help. Dark Aether is just dreary. Its not dark. Its just monotonous and dreary. Guh -_-.

well the music is pretty good the chirkrya was hard the first time hes pretty easy the second time :wave:

beat i meant

Aren’t dark evil places supposed to be dreary? And MP1 also had a large questy-fetchy thing for you to do at the end of the game. :3 I enjoyed both games, but definitely MP1 more than MP2.

there are big maps its like you dont know where to go :wave: :hahaha;

Lol Yeah XD

The “dreary” music isn’t interesting, its not dark, its ambient formless noise that is just there. It is a joke to even ball it music. Its not spooky and it is the same in all sections. Its just a very “bleh” track.

Also, the way you get which items makes the game less interesting because of the lack of variety there is throughout most of the game due to the lack of changes.

And Bigbang, instead of double posting (posting twice in a row) use the edit button at the bottom of your posts , in the right corner. The fact you say so little constructive is even more evident when you make extra edits.

Hmm. I guess I did not pay much attention to music. I DO however remember not liking the dark world nearly as much as the light world, maybe that could have something to do with it.


I’m gonna have to agree here. The concept is completely unoriginal. It’s basically Metroid Prime 1 meets LoZ: LttP.

I’m still torn between 1 and 2. 1 was ground-breaking, but for me 2 had the better concepts- the “two worlds” idea is undeniably brilliant, and while there is a hell of a lot of fetching going, the same thing could be said of MP1. For me, the second one is just the “deeper” of the two.

MP2 was fun, but that whole Light vs Dark theme ain’t exactly what to expect from Metroid.

Sue them for trying something new, still.

There’s nothing deep about Metroid Prime 2:P. The 2 worlds concept was misapplied. AND GOD THE FUCKING ING EMPEROR IS SO IRRITATING.

Hey I enjoyed Metroid Prime! And ti does have good music. lavs the Sanctuary Fortress music

That said, I’ve run through it twice. Normal and hard. Got 100% too. And you do have some good points Sin. Running around after the keys was annoying… The weapons are another story, but I can agree to that.

And then there’s those FUCKING Rezbits. It’s kinda funny though. They’re easily wiped by a charged Dark Shot followed by a missile. But still, it’s kinda funny how you have to reboot your suit.

But you have to admit, at least some of the add-ons and weapons were cool. lavs the Screw Attack, Seeker Missiles, and Sonic Boom

The difficulty is also overrated. I died one or two times, but it wasn’t exactly hard. Hell, the only boss I died on was the Ing Emperor. It IS harder than Metroid Prime, but not by much.