Why me?

Problems with parents again, I need to discuss this with someone, so you guys’ll do.

First off it was last Monday night, I was out and when I got in my Dad was doing something with the PS2 and TV in the corner of the living room, when I went out he’d just got back from work at 4:30 and left all the doors open in the house before going out someplace, and I hadn’t spoken to him since the night before when we watched some war documentary togethor. I asked him what he was doing, he appeared to be turning the PS2 on and trying to do something with the TV configurations. When I asked him what it was he turned both off at the socket, and I told him he shouldn’t just turn it off like that, in response he threw his phone at me and told me to get out of his sight and the he hated my guts (and he told me quite loudly too). So anyway I headed off upstairs but before I reached the top he yelled at me to take some pencils up. So I did, and he shouted me back down again, during this time he decided that the bookshelf near the computer was not for books and told me to take all them upstairs, that PC games belong with the Gamecube and I should take them upstairs, that we didn’t need any paper for our printer, that my Mum’s buisiness CD was a game and should be thrown away, that my schoolbag should be in my room as opposed to next to the door so I can get it the next morning, and that my revision guide was rubbish and threw it in the bin. Oh and he also threw his rugby hat away saying it was my brothers, then later realising it was his and getting it out of the bin. My Mum’s buisiness CD appeared back by the PC again later, wrapped in paper.

Next morning, I’m awoken by people shouting so I get up as my Dad leaves the house and have a shower, during this time I hear my Mum argue with my brother for some reason, after I’ve had breakfast I go back to the bathroom to clean my teeth and left the door open behind me, so my Mum slams it shut really hard. She shouldn’t do that though because the doors broken and when it’s slammed it jams shut, I didn’t say anything just cleaned my teeth, did my hair and left (after a struggle with the door). On my way out she slammed the door again, causing a rubber ball to fall off the shelf in the next room, the kitchen, which bounced up. I caught it and started bouncing it around for a bit before putting it down and trying to find my school bag before realising it was upstairs. When I came down, my Mum started yelling at me, moreso than normal. She said I’d thrown that ball at her, despite the fact the door was closed and started threatening me before leaving the room. My brother laughed at me so I pushed him over and he started to cry causing her to come back and yell at me again, so I left for school.

When I got home afterwards, everything was OK again. Until my Mum started yelling at me for this morning. My Dad (having started drinking since he got home) started yelling at me until I called him a worthless plebian and he chased me out of the house, I came back in 3 hours later on and he said nothing, I turned on the computer to do some revision for my exams (starting next Monday for God’s sake) and he came in the room and turned it off and began yelling at me for ‘playing games’ before saying I can’t do any revision.

10 minutes ago he said the same thing until my Mum says he never said that and I’m lying. So now I’m pissed off again 'cause everything’s screwed up again.
Thanks for reading anyway. Next time they piss me off I’ll not bother you.

Don’t worry about it. Sometimes people just need to vent. I know I do, sometimes. :slight_smile:

Here’s hoping the situation improves.

Your Dad really needs to stop drinking, first of all. I thought mine was bad, but yours has some serious problems. But not just your dad though… your mom sounds almost as bad.

And judging from how you posted this, it sounds like this happens way more often than it should. Your parents sound very abusive to me, and I think that if this situation keeps up and your parents keep doing this, you should speak with someone who can help… because the way your parents act is bordering on “unfit”.

Dude I feel really bad for you. My parents aren’t that bad, but there are times when they snap. Is there any way for you to express to them how you feel? I really don’t know how you feel-angry, hurt, humiliated, whatever, but if it’s extreme, I’d bitch right back. it sounds to me that your parents are obviously going through something, and they’re taking it out on you. You should say or do something to make them smarten the hell up because honestly, they’re acting like little kids, and it’s unfair to you.

I’m just replying and making suggestions as to what i would do. Nobody goes without hearing my opinion in my house.

Dude, my parents are fucking angels compared to a lot of people, evidently o.O

Well that does sound bad. I was put into foster care because of my parents mistakes. I wish you luck and I hope things get better for you.

Well, it’s hardly possible for my Dad to stop drinking now, he’s been doing it since he was about 10 and now he’s almost 50 and still going. He doesn’t always drink himself stupid, and sometimes it’s hard to tell whether he’s drunk or not. As for their treatment of me, well the last time they did something like this was when my Dad tried to ‘sabotage’ my coursework so I couldn’t get into college and end up getting a job so I can pay bills. He seems to only do stuff like this when I have something that effects my future coming up.

If I try to talk to either of them, they’ll just yell over the top of me or just ignore it altogethor. If I do anything to insult them, they’ll probably attack. And when my Dad last attacked me he destroyed tonne’s of my stuff and stood on my neck for about a minute before leaving me half dead on the bathroom floor. I could probably kick the crap outta my Mum, but that wouldn’t achieve anything.

Anyway, I don’t know what they’re gonna do next, everything seems quiet now, they’ll probably just let it slide as though nothings happened as they always do. Thanks to everyone anyway.

Your parents may be jealous because you are doing better than them and that you have the smarts and the integrity to go far, whereas they failed miserably at life. Still, that’s hardly a reason for them to do what they do. When you succeed in life and they ask to move in to your house when they are older, send them to that crooked home on 60 Minutes.

My Dad’s failure was due to his own ignorance, he skipped lessons at school to go and smoke with his friends, and he acts as though he’s proud of it. I don’t know much about my Mum’s childhood, but I wouldn’t call her a failure, she went to college and runs her own mobile buisiness now, since she lost her old post in a tanning salon. Her stress comes from the fact that she’s never at home because she has to travel around town all day, and bitch about it when she gets home.

I’m sorry for your situation Gilgamesh. I would suggest getting them into therapy but just saying that might set them off who knows. You dad should seek some help with his attachment to drinking. I hope you can make it out of that hellhole soon, like right after you graduate and you find someone to live with.

…Can hear Gilgamesh trying to tell his teacher that his dad ate his homework or something runs

That’s…insane…I don’t know why you don’t just get out of there…you should take a year off, get a job, save up some money and get the hell out. Honestly, when you have parents like that, who needs child abusers. Goddamn.


I say, Hit the local (school/collage or public or otherwise) libary, and hide in the arcive area or any where thats quiet, and get your revision done there. thats assuming thats you’ve got some Books to looks through. I had it pretty quiet, at my home, when i did my GCSES.

If you are doing maths (or Physics) at all, You could always baffle them with math, and prove that y=x2+9 when y=(x-3)(x+3). your dad might be. Best i could to off the top off my head. (Maths A-level P1, 1 mark)

Big Nutter
Edit x2 is x squared

I have a similar situation with my parents. There’s nothing to do. Your only hope is to do what you can to move out and disconnect completely to spare yourself the hassle of having to deal with them.

Parents are silly.
Makes me glad I barely know mine.

Your dad called you a ‘worthless plebeian’? o_O

I second Steve’s claim <.<

Well thanks to everyone, my Dad’s still being a complete prick, and my Mum has been stealing my mail, by hiding it under the microwave, which I quickly stole back. With any luck I’ll be able to get out of here before college is finished (and it hasn’t started yet). For now I’ll have to endure them, they’ll be like this for a while, then they’ll shut up about it, then it’ll start again some time in the future.

Curtis: I called my dad I worthless plebian, or something like that.

I don’t want to sound presumptuous but… I get the feeling that you seclude yourself from people to keep them from seeing you in these situations.

Are your parents the type that act all normal when friends come over or do they act pretty much the same? If they try to play off to the world that everythings ok try to become more social. It will give you excuses to get out of the house and possibly make it more barable when you are home.

I know this might sound stupid, but if you are religious, pray… I know it doesn’t seem like a lot, but at times it can help calm you down and give you mental support.

Sometimes parents go over the edge and it’s hard to deal with, especially when you’re unable to get out of that situation. You might want to contemplate taping what they do… Maybe playing the situations back to them will help them realize that it can’t go on like that.

Even if they don’t want to listen to it you will at least have proof of how messed up the situation is. If it gets to the point when you’re afraid for either your safety or that of your brother/mother then you’ve got something to give the authorities.

Anyway, try and find some release, since you’re ion this situation find something that can help you cope, something you enjoy doing… Don’t worry about if you’re good at it or not, just do it.

poetry, drawing, painting, writing. Find something that you enjoy and work out your frustrations through it.

Anyway, don’t feel like you have to suffer this in silence. I know that there are people here that will listen to you when you need to just let it out.

Yours truly,

Your parents sound pretty bad. You could try to talk to someone else that could help you in this situation or get out. Do you have a friend you could move in with for awhile? That’s what one of my friends is doing since her mother completely lost it, though she’s an only child.

My parents cover this up, I remember my Mum was yelling at me and such when someone phoned and she had a complete personality change. Praying always does seem to help me anyway, and I have a lot of miniatures to paint in my spare time.

I don’t think there’s anyone I could stay with right now. I don’t really know how I’d live like that.

Anyway, at the moment they’ve calmed down and are being frighteningly friendly with me again. More friendly than normal anyway. So they must have talked to someone, or each other, or realized that I was right.