Why Kerry should have won the election


Believe me, that’s one damn good reason as any seeing that people voted on moral values.

Haha. That’s awesome. Some of the pictures look gross though. :frowning:

:hahaha; That’s good.

His chin rocks, but his will was weak… I dont like bush, but if Kerry conceited in the election, think about how he may have handled the office…

I think you should do some research into basic understanding of an election before you make comments like this one.

Conceded. And the fact that Kerry conceded is exactly WHY he would’ve been a good leader. He congratulated his opponent, just like a great martial artist would’ve. He didn’t throw a tantrum and ask for a dozen recounts like Bush, nor did he abuse the system and cheat to get into office. He also knows that Bush is gonna blow it, and that people will regret voting him in.

By the way, I love how you included a single frame of Cammy’s naked chest in your animation. It’s great.

Stupid Americans. The chin should’ve decided it all!

I would stoke my beard if i had any facal hair of significace.

Big Nutter
Nulani, you avitar is now scaring me…

You really don’t understand how things worked out.

I think everyone else has already proved Izlude wrong, Shin. :3

Who cares about morality, all that really matters is ethics

I dont know how bush won, even though most people beleive he sucks

…Is there any difference between ethics and morality? I thought they were the same.

They are, ethics are just on a more professional level.

Ethics is a just a formalized set of morals for a given society… that’s how you know Mew has no clue what he’s talking about.

Confucius always speaks that the ideal rulers would be like the brothers who mutually forfeited the throne to each other on a regular basis.