why is FF so popular in your opinion?

What makes the final fantasy series sell so good, its been bothering me and it would be interesting to see what other think, why do people buy final fantasy and love it so much?

Is it the graphics, the time it takes to great such story lines out of nowhere, the battle systems?

Post what you think, i personally love final fantasy coz their soooo long, and they have great story lines and also the music owns.

btw im new to these forums, im an ff addict got every final fantasy available in australia on pal version, except 3 since it isnt, i bought most of ebay, thank you ebay :hyperven: lol

Australia? Do you have hot winters or do you celebrate Xmas during the summer?
Anyways, I persomally play them for the story. That’s what it’s all about for me, but i also enjoy running around another world, especially if it looks really good. The graphics have always been good, and the music, while you say it “owns,” i say its just plain awesome. The characters are neat, and the gameplay clever, but the number 1 reason is the story. Its an escape from my life, which is, though not necessarily bad, super lame.

It’s popular because it’s well known, and accordingly it’s well known because it’s popular. Regardless, there are plenty of RPGs that are far superior to (most of) the series, but Final Fantasy has a reputation for being the RPG that everyone can name even if they play them or not.

It’s not popular enough, because the general public doesn’t play it. Only rpg fans do

What makes FF so popular is the story, characters, abilities, battle systems and sidequests. The storylines are very interesting(except for FF11, which has no story) and the characters personalities(specifically FF7, FF9 and FF10). Abilities and battle systems are general parts of RPGs, but the FF series has a huge variety of abilities to offer(especially in FF9 and FF10-2). Although the battle systems are usually either Active Time Battle systems or Turn Based Battle systems which aren’t as original as battle systems like the one in Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, they have many abilities and since FF7, each game has had it’s own ability learning system(FF7 had the materia system, FF8 used the junction system, FF9 had the equipment and stone system, and FF10 had the Sphere Grid). But what I think makes FF better than other RPG series are the sidequests and minigames they have to offer. Most games in the series have a Chocobo sidequest, optional bosses, and ways to get hidden abilities and weapons. Since FF7, the series has had great minigames, including Tetra Master and Frog Catching in FF9 and Blitzball in FF10. Most other RPG series don’t have good minigames.

Advertisements and fanboys blathering about it.

yeah pretty weird huh, i always wondered what its like to see snow…lol, u see all these movies where it snows at christmas and stuff, australia hardly gets any good rpgs, so i use ebay

Minigames are actually considered to be a failed gaming mechanic

What does that have to do with your opinion of why FF is popular?
I’m completely serious, here.

If you’re doing some sort of snow activity (skiing, sledding, building a snowman, etc.), it’s fun.
Otherwise, it’s a pain, espcially when combined with ice (yeah constant slip and fall hazard!).

Anyway, getting back to topic. The main reason that I like Final Fantasy so much is the story. But there are loads of little details that make them what they are.

You completly missed my point, regardless of whether or not they play it, they still know it exists. How many people who don’t play rpgs know about the Tales series? Or games like Valkyrie Profile? Practially none, but those same people can at least refer to Final Fantasy by name, that’s what implies popularity.

I’ve been in oz for ‘winter’ actually spent new years in Sydney, great fireworks shows. i miss the warmth.

Quina- the games that came before ff7 also had unique ability learning systems.

Basara- why do you say minigames are a failed game mechanic? do you even know what a game mechanic is?

i think ff is so popular because of squares ability to produce quality games that had a core group of supporters from 1-6 and then to completely blow everyone away with something like ff7 that would draw the general populace of casual video gamers into the genre. it may not be the best visually, nor have the best story, or game engine of all time, but it had good timing and blew the market wide open setting itself up with a substantial lead vs all other competitors.

my two gil

Basically, what Steve said and the fact that FF1 was among the first RPGs made. The only reason I got back into FF, along with RPGs in general is because when FF7 came out I recognized the name. That and i’d been playing one single RPG for years in between: Chrono Trigger. I saw that they were both made by the same people and got back into it, and I believe many others have also done the same.

I heard the first final fantasy game is really long because of the absurd amount of grinding

I played it once and gave up. Then I played the origins version which was way more playable

Phantasy Star 1 is actually better than Final FAntasy 1, most people agree

You state that Phantasy Star I is better like it’s a fact, as opposed to an opinion. Which, by the way, I disagree.

While it is true that there’s an extreme amount of grinding on FF1, at least you don’t have that “rat-in-a-maze” bullshit in dungeons.

Oh god phantasy star sucks insurmountable amounts of ass.

If you get past the beginning part of the game and after you get Noah the game gets better

But its not addictive enough. Any rpg is more addictive than phantasy star

People act like it’s so addictive on Gamefaqs but i dont think so

My little brother was playing Final Fantasy Origins but gave up because he got lost

I think that says something about your little brother, not about the game.

Yeah but in old school rpgs like Phantasy Star there isn’t a whole lot of direction. And your characters don’t really say anything

A lot of people dont like Phantasy Star for that reason

“You state that Phantasy Star I is better like it’s a fact, as opposed to an opinion. Which, by the way, I disagree.”

I thought everybody liked Phantasy Star more than Final Fantasy and Dragon quest

In my opinion

Final Fantasy Origins > Dragon Quest 1&2 Remix > Phantasy Star 2 > Phantasy Star > Dragon Quest > Final Fantasy