Why is everyone scared of Sin?

He’s not that scary at all, except for his constant swearing, which quickly comes off as immature and silly, and his “I’m right, you’re not” attitude. Maybe if he just said, “Bah!” to everyone he disagreed with, then peace could be restored.

Instead, we have the Sin everyone fears for their lives. Many people here would probably prefer to jump off a bridge down seventy stories to a pile of jagged rocks rather than face Sin for five minutes.

So, folks, don’t fear Sin. That’ll make him the TRUE dictator of the site.

If I ever had a probem with Sin, I’d just use Febreezetm! Febreezetm solves everything!

I don’t fear Sin, I think he is rather cool. He overthrew Jim so I respect him for that, I also tend to agree with him on many issues. But with the martial arts credentals I’ve heard, he could probably kick my ass. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, mostly because he’s good at proving his points and making you feel like a total peehole when you are wrong. Other than that, he may cooroty chop me if he is mad.

I’m glad I rarely disagree with him.

(edit: Sin also seems to rarely be afraid to share his opinion. i.e. Gannon Thread [points to TD as well, but I doubt that he can severely injure me])

I adore Sin! He’s not pig-headed about his opinions either, I should point out. We’ve disagreed on several things, but he still listens to my side and even points out the pros to it now and again. And he’s never been mean about any disagreements either, so yah! Sin is cool!

And he can take the bunny joke rather well, whereas some would flip out and cut off heads.

From what I’ve seen, people aren’t afraid of Sin, per se, but rather of pissing off any of the popular board members.

I have no problem with Sin, not that I’ve talked to him that much but I’ve never held a grudge against him. Sure he can get mad, but he’s not the only one. He’s an important force behind keeping the rules on the boards, combined with Merlin and Zero makes a good team :slight_smile:

I don’t talk to Sin VERY (compared to some others, mehtinks) often, but I’m not too scared of him. He’s pretty cool, and he can kill by cussing.

But he’s pretty cool. I like him.

He has a large sword, and he knows how to use it: Question answered?
I’m not afraid on Sinistral. I’m yet to get into an argument with him, and all I’ve noticed of his legendary rage is some swearing around the boards.

I’ve lived a week with him, I can’t fear him anymore even when he goes all IGMOD, I just smile and join in for the shooting (mostly because he only does that in Starcraft)

Why did this thread get started anyway? Sinistral’s a nice dude when you get to know him, he’s just blunt with his opinions and doesn’t hold back, he gives you a piece of his mind when it’s appropriate and he doesn’t sweeten it. Besides, Kagon’s the dictator around here, everyone knows that.

Kagon isn’t a very good Dark Lord.

smirks That’s all I’m saying.

I don’t really fear Sin, but I get the feeling he doesn’t like me all that much. So I try and keep my distance from him.

Why do I fear Sin? I fear Sin because he’s in a higher position that me. Do I think he’s an evil person? No, just a little explosive at times.

Originally posted by BahamutXero
Why do I fear Sin? I fear Sin because he’s in a higher position that me.

And that’s an attitude we don’t exactly love, we’re not trying to be evil overlords here, we’re here because someone has to be and we tried to make a balance. -_-

Y’know, kinda like the triforce, Power, Courage and Wisdom, I don’t know who’d be which but that’s pretty much my reasoning.

I wasn’t completely serious Zero. I should have put more emphasis on my second reason. I think all of you guys are great. We all have our quirks as well.

Just a suggestion:

Power: Sin
Courage: Zero
Wisdom: Merlin

Z would be Courage, Merl would be Wisdom, Sin would be Power.

Simple, no?

Originally posted by Zero
Y’know, kinda like the triforce, Power, Courage and Wisdom, I don’t know who’d be which but that’s pretty much my reasoning.

I’d think that You would be Courage, Merl Wisdom, and Sin ower, personally.

Said that already. Great minds think alike, no?

Sin eats children.

Y’know, I don’t fear Sin. Rather, I feel akin to him. He’s like my male counterpart, at least in the fact that he’s blunt in his thinking.