Why I won't be posting very much at all

You take your eyes off the road for mere seconds and you end up hitting a delivery truck.

Yes, I hit a delivery truck. Going at about 35 mph I totaled my car, scratched the delivery truck, and fractured my hip. As a result, I’m basically on bed rest for a month, and then I think I have limited movement capabilities for another month. Basically, I’m stuck in bed for two months. This is sort of cool, because I get to chill out, sleep, watch tv and play video games etc… But I’m gonna go stir crazy in about two weeks.

Anyway, I can’t sit up straight in a chair (right now I’m kind of slumping), and I’m not supposed to put any pressure at all on my right leg.

All I can tell you is to wear your seatbelt. I was wearing mine, and they told me that if I hadn’t I probably would have required surgery to repair the damage - surgery that would have required cutting a big hole in my ass cheek, going in to my hip (which requires the movement of many muscles and veins and all that good stuff to get to my bone). So yeah, I’m quite happy I didn’t need all that.

Anyway, I won’t be around very much.

I hope you feel better! Get well soon and all!

Now, I’m going to wait until someone brings up that thread about that kid who was talking about seat belt laws…

I hope you feel better man.

Wow…the two month rest thing sounds cool, but it sucks how you had to get that. Glad you’re okay, and hopefully things will heal up nicely…

It’s weird how Sorc was wearing his seatbelt and got hurt and Cala wasn’t wearing one and got off rather easily compared to that…but all jokes aside, that could have been extremely serious (moreso than it is already) so just concentrate on doing nothing for the next two months.

that sucks man, but atleast you got out of it alive.

Crikey! We’ll be here waiting for your speedy recovery… Get well soon!

Hm, two months of being stuck in bed with nothing to do but play video games doesn’t sound so bad to me, but this thread isn’t about me, it’s about you.

I hope you feel better Sorc. My sister hates wearing her seatbelt and I’m just waiting for the right time to tell her “I told you so.”

Ouch… but at least you were wearing your seat belt, because as you said, it could have been much worse!

Take care, and rest up for as long as you need!

So, I’m presuming your Mix Tapes for Valentines didn’t get put to good use?

You poor thing…I hope you feel better!

Get well soon plz, kthnxbai. :wave:

We’re not a lucky bunch here.

And Eva, I was wearing mine. 'tis what saved us; I woulda snapped my neck otherwise.

Really?! Why was I under the impression that you were not wearing one…? I apologize. Daaaamn.

Regardless, at least nobody here has had a serious injury due to an accident, and we should all be thankful.

You people and your accidents make me glad I don’t have a lisence.

Get better.

Glad you’re allright Sorc. RPGC just cannot be RPGC without you. And thumbs up on wearing your seat belt. First time I got into a minor accident without my belt, I broke 3 ribs, when my friend in the driver’s seat got up and walked around.

Sorry to hear that Sorc. At least you’re all right (you know what I mean). Also, thank you for proving that seatbelts do help. Hell, 35 is the lowest speed you’d normally be going, so it doesn’t take much. See Arac, even in a normal accident. Going 35 and hitting a vehicle is a pretty light accident out of many and Sorc would have been worse had he not worn one.

Sorc, after hearing what happened to you. I makes me realize why the mechanic that saw my old car after getting side wiped was amazed that I was walking away from it. The car was probably going about 35-40 and hit my driver side door as I was making a left. I walked out just fine (had to go out the passnger door though since my door wouldn’t open). I see just how lucky I was. Before anyone asks, of course I was wearing my seatbelt.

I hope that your recovery goes well and fast.


woooo, sorc isn’t dead yet. :smiley:

You’re alive, that’s what matters.

Get well.