Why don't you have a PS2 yet?

Or perhaps this should be called “I wish I <I>didn’t</I> have a PS2 yet…”

From <A HREF=“http://www.the-magicbox.com/”>The Magic Box</A>
Sony Computer Entertainment America has officially dropped the retail price of the current PlayStation 2 systems from US$199 to US$179. This move is to clear the stocking of the current model, and Sony will release the new model of PlayStation 2 system in June, which will bundled with the Network Adapter. The new model will include several new functions, such as ability to read DVD+RW, DVD-RW, as well as built-in IR port and progressive scan.

Wow… Not much of a price drop there, but the new features are making me want to ditch my “old” PS2, now.

<center><img src=“http://reisebuch.com/img/dollar.gif”></center>

Of cource you lack 20s you live in Holland, or some other wacky european country.

Meh, I’ll just buy the network adapter later, no reason to pawn my old one for a new similar, but yet exactly the same model.

I’ve already ordered my network adapter.

Damn, i’ve been looking for a reason to replace my faulty PS2, I finally found a good reason ^^ Thanx Sat

serious lack of this

<center><img src=“http://reisebuch.com/img/dollar.gif”></center>

goes into fits


Oh, BTW, MS has countered with a similar $20 price drop for the 'Box. That may not sound too important, but when you think that Sony’s going to release that new model at $199 and Microsoft will still be selling their’s for $179… that could cause a change in sales. Not a huge one, but a change nonetheless.

No change for me, I don’t have broadband anyway, so a network adapter would have been worth exactly $0 to me. 8p

If you buy me one, I would.

I had to prioritate, and GameCube had more games I wanted than PS2.

I agree with that. The only real draw to the new PS2 that I can think of is that built in infrared sensor for the DVD remote. I’m not ditching my Gamecube for the world, though.

I’ve still got my first model PS2 from opening day. I’m not sure I want to part with it, but I might in order to get this new one. Just because I can I suppose. :slight_smile:

Originally posted by Lord Zhou Yu
[b]serious lack of this

<center><img src=“http://reisebuch.com/img/dollar.gif”></center> [/b]

You have it easy, the damn thing (And any other imported stuff) costs three times as much down here.:frowning:

Gigantic, unrivaled lack of this.

Nyah, I’m saving my money…I payed in blood for the PS2 I have, so there’s NO WAY I’m dumping it. =P

I need to get a freaking job…

well, as long as i can play each and every dynasty warriors game that comes out on it…i’ll keep my older ps2.

Meh. Already have two in the house, No sense in getting another one, for the time being.

Although, i may in the future, should i find some interesting games.