why dont republicans give a shit about the environment?

im confused. can some republican eliterate to me why he hates plants?

He didn’t say plants, he said Planets. He hates planets!

He’s tan, he’s fit, he’s ready (to consume the Earth): Galactus in 2004!

Personally, I’m voting for Grave Davis, I really think he can clean up this state…

I agree with Charl.\

Being green-friendly costs $$$. Reps don’t wanna pay $$$. There.

I think it’s partly under the notion that the Constitution doesn’t give the federal government the power to try and protect the environment and as such Republicans feel that the government should not try and protect the environment. It’s the same reasoning behind some people’s distrust of the Department of Education, Housing and Urban Development, etc.

Oh, and just as a little clarification, Teddy Roosevelt, the father of our current national park system, was a Republican. And his successor, Taft? The guy who actually designated more land as national parks than Teddy did? Republican also.

but I liked Teddy and Taft. There were some good republicans… back then.

Personally, I won’t be happy until every state cares as much about the environment as Maine does! Actually, I think we care too much because it’s getting to the point now where environmentalists won’t let new industry come to the state and build on a swamp in fear of killing mosquitoes and getting rid of a food source for pigeons.

I see politics this way:

[li]I complain bitterly that the goverment doesn’t represent me.
[/li][li]I don’t go and vote.
[/li][li]Reapeat as desired.

It may be hypocritical, but American politics is something I’m not going to want to touch with a ten-foot pole.

It’s something I don’t want to touch either… I vote and that’s it.

They don’t like the environment 'cause they’re in bed with Big Business.

I think it might have to do with a bias against crazy stupid tree hugging weed smoking liberals and a few republican presidents, like the current one, creating a trend by not enforcing envrionmental laws and protocols.

Yeah… to most Republicans it’s cool to be a Conservationist (like Teddy), but not cool to be an Environmentalist.

you dont have to be an environmentalist to not repeal record amounts of green legislation in 3 years.

It involves change, money usage, and regulations: Three horrible words in the ears of a Republican. Unless it involves the military and patriotism that is.

Why should they care about the land when most people don’t, it would take alot of people to clean up America… Therefor, why bother?

I like plants. I was a republican, but I switched to Independant when Bush was elected.

I’m still waiting for the day when we have to live inside and have oxygen ration. Yea, I can see people saying now “Where did we all go wrong!” well, I can say NOT cleaning up the envoroment would be a place to start.

Then again, I am a hippy tree hugger. The envoroment is very important to me, and I think that it should be protected as much as possable.

Exo, just cause people don’t use the land doesnt mean the millions of other things forced to share this god forsaken rock with us won’t.

But yea… I hope the voting thing goes well for you guys.


90% of the oxygen we breath comes from algae, and it’s not hard to grow them in closed spaces. By the time we’ve dealt enough damage to need artificially grown algae (should take a few centuries) we’ll already have the technology to grow enough algae to support us. With some luck we won’t even need them as there might be a viable way to extract oxygen from minerals.

It’s a fact: oxygen makes for almost 30% of Earth’s mass. If we can extract it from minerals, we won’t need algae anymore.

I don’t think it would be too enjoyable living here if it was only algea. Trees and other plants provide homes for other animals aswell, and other animals depend on those animals, and so on. I personally don’t think the amount of oxygen is a problem, but we do need plants. Without them, humans would be nowhere.