Why does the DMV suck so much?

As far as costumer service facilities go, it’s probably the most visited. So why, oh why is there more than 3 people there behind the counter.

If there was at least an online service of somesort that would be great. A place to order new plates, or new stickers or whatever. Christ, it’s so prehistoric.

I wouldn’t be calling anything prehistoric, you… you REVENGE!!!

:frowning: That hurt, man.

Oh I didn’t mean it darling ;_;

I just went to the DMV. I didn’t have a bad experience. I do wish it could be done online, but whatever.

The DMV is one of my least favorite places. Lines out the door and cranky people at the counter. Thankfully I only have to go there once a year. :stuck_out_tongue: But I agree, they should have better online service… For the dmv here all you can do is set appointments online, and that’s very limited.


Department of Motor Vehicles.
Where are you from? To think they may not have them outside the US. Yet another reason to go to Japland.

What do you mean by Japland?


Then call it Japan. Japland, what the hell is this Russia?

Call it Nihon. What the fuck is this, you unpure white devils!? BRITAIN!?

Or Nippon.

I’d call it almond eyed midgetland, but dammit, the place rules to much.


Hey! They may be short, but they have a superpowerful base. It’s what’s makes them great fighters.

And Almond eyes are so dreamy… mmm…


Yes. Akira Lane= boioioioioioioing


Did you forget to take your Seraquil (or however it’s spelled) this morning?

Shi-ne? shrugs I must have forgotten, cos I dont know what that is.

ANYWAY! Back to my burning hatred of my Archaic DMV.