Why do...

the words North Korea and Appeasement seem to ring well together?

I don’t know. Maybe it’s just one of those crazy combinations of words that tickle your ear. Like headshot.

But that’ll mean a lot less bloodshed, less carnage, and less body bags!

I don’t know what you’re talking about. O_o Explain?

In 94, the US appeased the North Koreans by giving them what they wanted and in turn they made nukes. In 2004, the North Koreans want more stuff while they wave their hands menacingly. Sounds like a familiar scenario from the 30s.

What a bunch of retards. We should go take over them >:O And take their oil! >:O

Actually, in the nineties, Clinton got them to freeze their nuclear program. They reconstituted it when Bush threatened them by including them in an “Axis of Evil” with countries that had no relation to them.

While Bush didn’t help, I don’t think you can develop an entire secret nuke program in a couple years. Yong Byong (sp?) is one site and if I remember right, intelligence sources pointed to multiple sites. And also, while their program was on freeze, the program could easily be restarted, as shown by what they did with their huge stock pile of rods.