Why do I even bother?

Every time I log on to that stupid thing I get bashed by countless people for no reason whatsoever other than the fact that they are angsty. Then some very sweet [STRIKE]ass hole[/STRIKE] person comes along and kicks me out of the chat session with the very clever reason of “wtfpwned”, I love that chat room.

you were trolling, i kicked you

deadtear was trolling, i kicked him


Thank you for the explaination. Im still not happy with people always randomly insulting others for NO goddamn reason. But I’m glad that your “justice” is non biased. Thank you Zep.

if you don’t like the way someone is treating you, message an active operator. i just joined the channel, there was a good chance i was active. IRC also blinks when I get a message, so even if I’m reading mail or something I will see it. Instead, because deadtear was insulting you, you not only starting insulting him, but you started trolling other users, such as kor. Good job buddy. You’re probably thinking “well no one will do anything anyway”, but that’s cause you’ve never tried, and you always resort to being a little bitch in the chatroom because people aren’t being “nice” to you. But that’s where you’re wrong. I’ll take any excuse I can get to kick deadtear in his cute little behind.

I suppose. I dunno, I guess I tried to just go along with it at first and ignore things, but then it was like people just grabbed for things like misspellings to insult over. I was of the opnion (at the time) that because so many people were throwing insults back and fourth that no one cared and it was just how the chatroom was.

That’s just what people do. Seriously, MOST of the time, deadtear isn’t even that serious. If you let people get on your bad side in the chat room, you’re just fucking asking for it. I’ve seen you in there, and your biggest problem is that you just take yourself and other people too damn seriously. You should just fuckin’ chill, man.

Izlude, i got permanently banned like, 2 years ago. At first i was pissed because thats where a lot of my friends hung out, and the fact that i was given a “show trial” just so they can say “look, we all voted, so you go bye bye” my case was given no representation, and the time i tried to plead it, the thread was closed.
But thats all past, the assholes who banned me know who they are, so there is no need to mention any names. But what you have to ask yourself, Izlude, is “do i really want to chat with people who treat me this way ?” There are alternatives, (cougheoff cough). Where, if you are friendly, you can have a lot of fun chatting with people who share similar interests. You would notice that i rarely post outside of the FFC board ? There is a reason for that.

AFTERTHOUGHT: You just have to say to yourself “it’s their site, they can do what they fucking want on it”

omg the eoff irc network has tons of people who are will insult u for retarded reasons, use bad spelling as an excuse to insult etc.

To be honest, we never give anyone representation. Some people complain and try to plead their case to an op, and that op is generally nice enough to at the very least post it. However, some sort of formal setting where one can refute specific accusations is never given, not even for Staffers. As for thread closure, no thread on the Op board has ever been closed. Ever.

Hahaha, get over yourself. Your case was given no representation? It’s a chat room, you’re not accused of smuggling meth in your colon. Here we actually take the time to discuss bannings, review logs, and vote on the proper action to take. You should be grateful the ops don’t just ban on a whim. If you want to hang out in the chat and obey the rules then do so, we’d be glad to have you. If you don’t like “The man” going off on his facist power trip then leave. If neither option appeals to you I suggest making a channel called #yournamehere in which you and two of your friends gather to bitch about #rpgclassics, be sure to troll around here and bitch about it also, that’s crucial.

ClothHat, my point is that my ban was never discussed, the few logs that were posted werent reviewed that closely, and the action voted on was generally biased towards me.

I’m not bitching or trying to kick any dirt up now. I honestly dont give a rats ass. There’s even a good chance my ban was lifted and no one told me about it. Why dont i know ? because, even if i could get back in, i dont want to. You know all those “friends” i think i lost ? how many of them do you think took the time to /msg me ? Ohh, i ran into a few of them @ #edensworld, but none really. I cant even get them to /msg me on this message board. Some friends, right ? Why would i want to hang around with people like that ? I’ve come to like the people in the FFC forum, and thats cool.
Hell, me even coming to this forum was a mistake, i meant to go to the one listed right above this, and when i got here, i seen this thread and figured “hmm, might as well read it.”

to Voshmeister: You act like they dont at #rpgclassics.

Do you have access to the Op Board? Have you ever had access to the Op Board? No? Okay then. I guess you have no authority to decide whether or not we discussed your ban, closely reviewed the logs, etc.

See, the way I see it, the only action you think would’ve been unbiased would’ve been to not ban you at all and let you do as you please. As for whether or not the banning was biased, that’s a stupid description as any ban is biased in the sense that those voting for a ban feel that a person has broken rules and proven a detriment to the chat.

I guess nobody likes you.

984, okay, you say i dont have the authority to make my claim. Prove me wrong.

TD, yeah, why would i want to hang around with people who dont like me ?

You’re the one that made argument. The burden of proof lies on you.

I think I should have been an op, but the Uni won’t let me access mIRC. You missed out on getting a golden age. A fucking golden age. :stuck_out_tongue:

BL, since you said before you edited your post you don’t particularly care for the chat anymore, why are you complaining?

984, yeah, thats what i thought you would say.

Pierson, i’m not complaining at all. Why is it when someone makes an argument, people say they are complaining ?

That. Especially;


and finally

Pierson, how is that complaining ?

Back up your accusation, or sit down.