Why do I detect pedophilic undertones?

And mine’s neither a movie reference nor a sex joke >:(

Leggo my Eggo? Yeah. That’s not a sex reference. Right. Uh huh. Sure.

I couldn’t really find better…
<img src = “http://uploads.nulani.net/uploads/lameones.jpg”>
At least I tried

That was… AWESOME!

Yeah, that one actually made me laugh out loud. Kinda makes me see the pointlessness in posting mine…

LOL, Pier :hahaha;

This thread is turning into 4chan without the cool pictures ;_;

I was gonna post mine, but I can’t find a place to upload Bitmap files… I’m unable to save in .jpeg/.gif.


Setz, if it’s under 1MB, use imageshack.us

Bleh. I’m on a different computer; so I can’t upload it.

BRB- Physical Education mid-term.


Yeah, I needed a better quote for this.

That is a great new gimmick, and it is sure to make you many friends

Yup, it really works!