Why didn't anyone help me? :,<

So yeah. I was taking the subway to school today, and I managed to damage my nose.

I usually leave the house at 7:10 or so AM, and I usually get to school at like, 8:15ish AM. At about 7:50, I was at Yonge station. I usually take the southbound trolly from Glencairn, to St.George, then go eastbound to Yonge. Now, when I got off the trolly, there were loads of people waiting to get in. I got out of the trolly first, then all these people appeared out of like, nowhere, and tolly crowded the stairs. I really hate escalators/elevators, it’s kind of a phobia. So I just waited for the descending people to finish, to go up to the northbound platform. But jeez, like, 30 seconds later, I don’t see any sign of the rush stopping.

Anyways, I decided since I don’t want to be late (late to me, is 1/2 hour early), I’d take the escalator. I usually take 2 steps going up/down stairs. Now, I can go down escalators fine doing double-step, even when moving. Now, I was going double-step upwards, and since the escalator steps are in constant motion, it’s not the same as double-stepping up stairs. So I lost balance, and went face-first, at about a 30 degree angle, right into the step. Right on the tip too. And I was not lucky to hit my body on the tip, but my face. More specifically, my nose. It slowly started bleeding, and the pain was excruciating.

If pressure is put on the nose on a massive scale, by reflex, automatically, you get dizzy, or you tear. Not cry, but tear. So, I was dizzy & teary. Not 'cause of the pain, but 'cause of the response. Then, I got up quickly, 'cause I don’t want to hold people back whom are behind of me (the assholes who didn’t help me up. >E) and fell again. And again, on my nose. Again, no assholes helped me up. >:,E

I thought I broke my nose or something, as it was hard to move without feeling intense pain, and it was disfigured slightly. It was shifted the the left a bit, and move upwards. Still, this didn’t affect my day really. I continued going to school, limping on one leg (my right leg got a hy00j scratch on it, and it was in pain as well) and went to school in the intense cold.

Upon arrival, with blood on my face and hands, people noticed what happened. I phoned my parents, who live 9km away, to pick me up. So, it cost 11.25$ for 30 minutes of school. Even then, it was BEFORE school. So I didn’t do anything productive. I quickly go to the hospital, to check if it’s broken. The doctor said it wasn’t broken. But a piece might be shattered. My nose, crusted with dry-boogery blood, was clogged. I had a cold as well. I’m safe from sneezing, 'cause I like, don’t ever sneeze.

I’m still in pain, and will be in more pain when I take the tape off my leg. The doctor put some tape with some iodine/polysporin/bandage on my cut leg. This is the heavy duty hospital tape too. The one similar to duck-tape, with the stitching, but not as hard to take off. But it hurts like a bitch. >:X


Gives sympathy

Anything else?


Thanks guys. =/

Here’s the rule. People on their own are nice. In crowds, people are not. The better the person, the bigger the crowd it takes to turn them into bastards. So in a city, most everyone is a bastard.


It’s sad how inconsiderate people are noaways, you FELL ON YOUR NOSE, man! That HAS to hurt like HELL! I would’ve gone off on everyone within my sphere of influence.

The crude reality is that 99% of the people in large crowds do the “let someone else take care of it” routine. You can get hurt or robbed in the middle of a giant crowd and the only thing you can do is to deal with it, because waiting for a complete stranger to give first aid is a waste of time.

And screw sympathy, you were double-stepping on a electric escalator. Sorry you got hurt but you gotta learn to be cautious somehow.

Yeah. But I’ve double stepped since I was liek, 10 y/o. I now know to keep to my phobias, and don’t go on escalators. <b>Period</b>.



Setz: Seraphim is right: most people try to keep to themselves. But can you blame them? Life today is hard, hurried, and people who are kind to others often get burned for it (feigning trouble is often a way for robbers to attract victims.)

That said, there ARE still people on this World that take the risk and help others. You just don’t find them often on rushing crowds.

Hope you heal soon.

Maybe if you had been a sexy young coed someone would have assisted you. But you’re not, sorry.

I love you too. :3

Last time I checked on GameFAQs, it was like, 760.

What about your Dharma?

Seriously, I can’t believe that. After the second one you’d think someone would help. But three times and still no one? On the bright side, it’s not broken, despite hitting the sharp edge every time.

Third…time? I thought it only happened twice? Whoah. You learn something new about yourself from a complete stranger every day.

dude, some women get raped repeatedly and bleed to death from stabbings on their own doorsteps and their neighbours don’t even call the cops :P. Next time, don’t be an idiot by skipping steps in an elevator and don’t expect people to help you out. The more people are present, the less likely they are to help you. So shown by actual studies.

Okay, I won’t double step for <i>elevators</i>. Typo aside, I never liked elevators or escalators to begin with. I don’t like machinery that moves me. I had a dream that I was playing Quake 2, and I got stuck in the enviromental geometry, and an elevator kept smashing on me. Which sparked the phobia. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s my guess.