Why did you choose your username?

(I thought there already was a thread like this, but I searched threads with “username” in their title but I’ve found nothing. And I couldn’t search “name” because it’s too much of a “common” word. If there is already a thread like this, sorry.)

So, why did you choose your username? I chose mine since I can’t come up with any good ones. So I chose to have no name.

I like <a href = “http://www.rpgclassics.com/shrines/snes/top/”>ToP</a>!

My name came from the second lead lady in Kikaider, a rare anime.

I like Moon Child!

My name is Dave, and I am Evil.

Kex is Swedish for Biscuit.

Mex is from TexMex.

KexMex. Something I stick with.

Because I thought X-Wing 1056 was cool (he got blown up by some TIE’s in Episode VI).

The story goes something like this:

I joined the H2G2 when I was around 13 or 14 or so. Users are organized by number and email address, so you can change your nick on the fly. I chose “Adolescent white American male who likes 47” (this being a British site). However, when I wanted to join some “groups” within the community, they deemed this too wordy. So they shortened it to “Yankee Kid. Likes 47” or “YK-47” for even shorter.

I subsequently dropped the 47, and even more subsequently forgot the entire preceding story and decided that YK should stand for something (or possibly merely decided that YK should stand for an actual name). I chose Yaridovich after a boss in Super Mario RPG, and Kramer because the name was just hanging around not doing anything. So there you have it.

Think i saw some Trigun website which was titled something with gunsmoke in the name, and in Trigun the planet is named Gunsmoke.

I chose the name because I like the character, and added “of Zeal” to it to make it sound less generic. It’s very similar to the name I used to use back when I used the Internet when I visited my dad’s house a long time ago.

There’s another personal reason I chose this particular name. Something to do with relating to the character’s mentality in a certain way, but I’ll just stop right here.

It’s my name.

Actually my name is Renan. I started disliking Ren after I remembered the one from Ren & Stimpy and the one from the Pirates of the Dark Waters, and even more a few days ago when I started (and already stopped) reading Shaman King. But I like keeping the name short.

One funny thing, when I started going into the chatroom with Renan as my nick, people thought I was someone else and not Ren from the board.

“Because you touch yourself at night.”

Seriously though, I was a huge Gundam fan at the time, and Char kicks ass.

Well, the second bit is 'cuz Chrono Trigger is my favorate game.

The first part…Well, I made the name years and YEARS ago as an AOL screen-name. I was stupidly into pokemon at the time, so the GG was shorthand for “Gengar”, my favorate one at the time.

Nowadays, I just keep it on beacause I like the way it sounds.

I thought i made mine up, but it turns out that its an enemy in bahamut lagoon. =\

I really don’t like it that much anymore, because using it on any other forum gets me confused with “devilon” (who is far cooler and greater than i, though we chose our names around the same time) the bemani guy. I met him through NNR once, and we talked, so i guess he’s cool with us having the same name. =\

Then there is also “Darcillion”, another bemanistylist, who i’ve never met, but his name is so different from mine, i guess he doesn’t care.

I got it from Dragon Warrior 7 because it was the first non-boss monster in that game to actually finish off my party.

Obviously I don’t want you to know my REAL name.

Oh wait.

Well, I DID want people to know my real name!

…Then I discovered nobody ever did that on Message Boards. Duhh.

The funny thing is that people here won’t let me change my name. They keep telling me it sounds cool!

I think they’re making fun of me.


I like the Lufia Series, and Amon was my favorite sinistral (I like the gold armor and the magic) so I just took the two and there you go: Sinistral Amon.

Been trying to change it, but Mods never answer my PMs.

Third Testament comics.

Mengde was the style name of Ts’ao Ts’ao, a warlord (of a sort) from Three Kingdoms-era China. I use a bunch of other style names from the period for different games, but on Blizzard games and on message boards I use Mengde, sort of because he was more suited to craftiness and manipulation (flame wars and RTS games anyone?). For FPSes and similar action games I usually go with Zilong.