Why Crab Day Sucks

K, list off reasons why “Crab Day” sucks.

  1. Lobster > Crabs
  2. I don’t have crabs
  3. You do
  4. It rained today
  5. I drove in the rain in a shitty ass city with jackass drivers
  6. TrueValue isn’t hiring highschoolers

K, so only like 3 of them have to do with “Crab Day” but SHUT UP AND DON’T MIND THAT.

Add your own!

Stop trying to be a clever pants little non conformist, if you don’t like it get off the boards. It’ll be gone tommorow, stop trolling, you’re bad at it.


“You know why there’s a string on a tampon? So the crabs can bungee jump.”

CH: Calm down. I wasn’t meaning this in a serious way. I could care less what day it is (if I remember at all >.>).

I know you weren’t, you were being a troll. Why do you people try to troll when you fucking suck at it?

I used to work at a TrueValue:P

And lighten up people, jeez:P

  1. Doesn’t like crab day
  2. Favourite album is Metallica - “S+M”

That’s pretty much it. :chupon:

  1. Takes jokes seriously
  2. Takes jokes seriously
  3. ylsuoires sekoj sekaT
  4. Takes jokes seriously
  5. I just KNOW he’s gonna take this post seriously, despite the nature thereof and the fact that I have this little bit here.
  6. There is NO reason six!
  7. Takes jokes seriously

You forgot to mention he sucks at trolling

[STRIKE]Yar, you forgot one:
8. TsAeKrEiSo JuOsKlEyS[/STRIKE]

Wait a second! No hating on ClothHat! Bad Kramer!

omg lol stfu n00b

S&M is kickass. Shut yo mouth!