Why are some guys into Apes instead of women?

This is why there is an aids epidemic in Africa-



No, there’s an AIDS epidemic in Africa for a variety of socio economic reasons and the epidemic is spreading in Asia and Russia at an alarming rate.

An old 1933 comedy movie is the reason for AIDS in Africa?

N… Yes.

… Wow. The fact this kind of question came up makes me shudder. Sin got it, though.

And nobody’s even sure how it started, so to assume it was through sexual activities with a primate (while a valid option), is stupid. It’s more likely it was through consumption of a primate or some other carrier animal.

Actually 1933 movies have been known to be a cause of todays wars - Watch Diplomaniacs RKO Pictures- 1933- my favorite movie of all time

The stupid hurts x.X;

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Everyone has AIDS!

Someone ought to use a time machine to go back and shoot the guy. As well as Saliman I and Bill Gates.

The smarter thing to do would be to invest stock in Microsoft when it was in its infancy. Think about how much friggin bling you’d have. Oh, and you’d have to tell ol’ Billy Boy to STUFF IT when he came trying to buy out your share. Cause you’d know what is going to happen… and you’d want to be there for the ride…


You’d have more bling then a black guy with an Escalade. You could all be," Check out da Ice yo."

Hell yeah.

Then make like, a fake vaccination for AIDs with your money! There is not cure!

Not only rich legally, but illegally also. “I swear this mercury stuff will save you-from your pain!” Then no one would live long enought to sue you.

They found a cure for AIDS

An injection of highly heated lead directly into the aorta of the heart will do the trick

It’s “inquiring”

Enquire is a legitimate variant, Cless. Plus, he’s British. We should just be happy he didn’t spell it Unuquiurue