Who's got the crack?

Mmmm… I have found yet another form of crack to keep me from studying Latin. I am certain that everyone has heard of it, and many have played it by now, but I just bought it so I want to mention the Temple of Elemental Evil.

Holy shit I love the game. I honestly can’t believe that it took so long to remake the ORIGNAL D&D adventure for these 3.5 generation players. I admit that it isn’t the absolute best game ever, but it certainly comes close when you add in the nostalgia points.

This post also ties back into the Toughest Game Ever thread, because, for those of you who haven’t played it, there is a game mode called ironman, where just like those old text-graphic games there is no whoops option.

Yes, I just wanted to announce that it rocks, and that if you haven’t yet played, its a good buy. Anyone have any other thoughts?