Who's e-wang is bigger?

SG made me make this thread.

I know who I’m voting for

Wang Chung for the win!

Hades of course! TD and SG keep their massive ones tucked in untill it is needed, while hades is always flapping his around and constantly knocking down expensive ming vases with it.

Your mom’s.

Are you asking who’s the biggest prick?

I prefer to not vote.

who freaking voted for me?!

I really swear it wasn’t me…


Everybody Wang Chung tonite!

Yeah, Wang Chung’s totally kicking everybody else’s e-penis (with his e-penis).

hehe penis lol

Haha Hades is winning over the other users. you dog you

Well Wang Chung is dominating EVERYONE. So hah.

Today on RPGC News, the polling forum has finaly run out of normal topics. You may now go back to your boring, pathetic lives.

Damn. Beaten.

At least Trillian knows who Wang Chung is. I have a feeling some people may be voting for Wang Chung just because it sounds funny. =(


edit: i know its a band but, whatever

Yes, ma’am!