I’m back… Whoo hoo. So I decided to make a cliche thread.

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Anywho to give this direction and to delay its derailment and slow degeneration into chaos… What do you think about Baseball and whats happening in the league in general? And whose winning the world series?

I would like to say I’m an infernal optimist at times and I beleive that one day…maybe a few centuries from now…the Colorado Rockies will one day go to the world series. Maybe :confused:

I’ll offer the first welcome back to drive home how much things have changed. Just kidding :stuck_out_tongue:

What do I think about Baseball in general: Pretty neat idea to build a sport around a bat and a hand. This evokes ancient memories when humans first developed their hands and proceeded to beat to death dinosaurs with their clubs. At least the games say it happened this way.

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So when is the wedding? The Air Force dude is still around?

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The Rockies had better some day. Not for any home team pride or anything, but because my sports wagering is based on which mascot is dealier, and we have a dinosaur. What the fuck beats a dinosaur? Nothing, damn right. So I bet on us. But our team sucks and I lose. It’s really a viscious cycle I could stop at any time if I chose to, but I’m still pretty upset about it.

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getting married next century hope you’re all around to see it.

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Until I realized that it was no longer that 20th century, and thus the 21st was not coming up very soon thereafter, I realized that that is a very long engagement. As soon as I realized that 3000 was in fact 10 centuries away, and I was looking for 2100, I realized it’s not as long as I had been thinking, but still pretty far off.

Hey! Already did that in the RP thread! Oh well…

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I long for the day when the nationally televised game of the week and the postseason are wrenched from the evil, incompetent clutches of the FOX network, and the reigns are seized once again by a decent broadcasting company that doesn’t drown the game in stupid graphics, stupid sound effects accompanying those graphics, “broadcasters” who play ignorant yokel characters with no sense of history of the game or for respect of fan knowledge, rather than actually adding something to the presentation of the game. Oh, and let us not forget blowing off the events of the game for the sake of a cheap plug for a horrid network show, or pan-to-b-celeb-in-the-stands-style promotional tie in to one of the shows.

Does a hell of a lot more detriment to the integrity of the game than steroids (which is just another “increase the offense” gimmick in a long tradition of such at the end of the day).

Oh, and Mets over Tigers in 6 come early November.

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Welcome back and all that! I guess there’s no hope in you having bought some soda for me? :frowning:

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Also…mets :< :< :<


I don’t like them.

Now you are her bitch, Kex. See, we told you. You can’t escape it-- wait? What’s that?
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a friend of mine wrote a great baseball blog entry on why the Rockies are so incredibly inept if you’re interested in reading it Alyx.


Merlin: That’s a VERY interesting read, thanks. Your friend’s argument is pretty radical, but, he’s convinced me.