Whoever picked the setlist for GH5

is made of win.


SOWING SEASON? Where did THAT come from? I’m fucking impressed. I never expected anything off that album to make it.

And Du Hast? That was just ballsy :stuck_out_tongue:

Sowing Season as in Brand New?


What’s so ballsy about Du Hast? It’s not as if it isn’t a super-hit.

Sowing Season was a single off a pretty popular album, too. I don’t see why that wouldn’t make it.

Looking at the setlist right now, I’d have to say it’s made of at least as much loss as win. Blink-182? Children of Bodom? Wolfmother? Fucking Coldplay?

Is something wrong with Coldplay other than the fact that you reject things just for being popular? They have some chops and they’re pretty good songwriters. I wouldn’t take them over Liquid Tension Experiment or anything, but your opinion of them sounds bullshitty to me.

Blink182 is the worst fucking garbage though. But I’m willing to turn a blind eye to it for Sowing Season, which I’m pretty sure was not very big and is definitely not typical GH fare.

What’s so ballsy about Du Hast? It’s not as if it isn’t a super-hit.
I just think it’s total cheese, and not a very good guitar song for a guitar game :stuck_out_tongue:

Guitar Hero is now more than a guitar game. It’s a band game. I haven’t heard Du Hast in a while, but it may have been put in because of bass, drums, vocals, or some combination of the four instruments.

Arac: I enjoy Wolfmother and Children of Bodom. :expressionless:

Hades: I don’t know about anyone else, but I started really disliking Coldplay because I associate it with one of my exes.

CoB is only good for hilariously terrible country covers, as far as I’m concerned. I think Wolfmother is just recycling the worst elements of Led Zeppelin, but shittier.

The album debuted at #31 on the Billboard chart, and Sowing Season was its lead single. It’s not that big, but it’s also not that obscure a pick; it’s not like they used a Swing Kids song.

Anyway, Coldplay’s just really not my style, the lyrics are vapid and the songs are dull, albeit not unpleasantly terrible.

blink-182 is the shit

I bet it was Epic

I didn’t suggest a single song in the setlist actually, but I don’t even remember what I suggested if anything.

I still want to see some Lordi on Guitar Hero or a variant thereof.

I’m a little surprised that Coldplay are in a game called Guitar Hero, as from what I’ve heard they don’t come across as guitar titans… but given that there are more instruments involved now a days (I assume??) maybe it’s to play off the dynamics in their songs.

Children of Bodom are pretty bad. I used to think they were OK… not great. Now I try to avoid them. It’s candy metal to me. And I never got the appeal of Lordi… Aren’t they just a Scandinavian GWAR?

don’t be so modest :>

Thats cool, needs more Sonata Arctica though.

That song reminds me of Kamelot… which GH definitely needs more of.

As for guitar titans… the closest thing in GH so far is Satch Boogie, and that’s not one of his more technical songs.

Should’ve thrown in “The Dark Eternal Night” by Dream Theater >_> Now there’s a nuts song.