Who'd win in a tickle fight?

It would depend on who ate the most sugar before the match

Technically it wouldn’t be hand to hand combat, it’d be hand to… never mind. :o)

Either way Rikku also has claws… could be helpful.


LOL, new meaning to the phrase “tooth and nail”

True, but I think the girls would both gag if one of them tried using her teeth to tickle.

:slight_smile: I’m so happy, the love my thread! They, well okay Evangelion has problems with it, but they love my thread!

This thread is…almost hipnotic.

Scully-Yes, it’s like a lavalamp.

Lol, This is so way cool, I wonder how many pages it will grow before being shut down. :slight_smile:
Actually i think the girls would tickle each other into a coma before either one of them would give up.

Who gives a shit about a winner? I just have to say Good Phuckin Show. But if there was a winner it’d probably be me(and even so only if I could transform myself into a computer graphic and join in)