I never knew this about winamp 5.

Go into the AVS editor. It’s in the visualizations tab of the options, I think.
Anyway, go to the settings and display, and turn on overlay mode. Now, if you use any programs where the background is boring, switch the overlay color to the EXACT color as that, and boom, you got yourself a great background for anything, even your desktop.
Note: Your computer should be pretty fast to do this, especially in the video card department. I got lucky with a beast for integrated video, so it’s running it losslessly at 1280 x 1024 :slight_smile:

Turn on advanced beat detecting and there you go.

And to think, I’m using a nearly $400 processor for THIS.

I’d get video of it, but no programs capture it for some reason.

You could do that in winamp 2.9x.

Well, I’m sooorry. I just never had a lot of power to mess around with :stuck_out_tongue:

No, it worked on my PC, I only have like a 1.8 in there and an older Radeon. Ran better then the fullscreen visuals did, go figure. But that doesn’t matter, because my laptop is badass. It’s even more badass if you get some wallpaper with the same color as the overlay color in it.

Well… i have a 2.4, and the card is equivalent to one of radeon’s 64 meg ones… but still runs HL2 pretty well.

Thanks Steve, I’d never notice it if it weren’t for you!

Totally kickass!

And just as I turned it on, some moths started flying over my monitor, so kickass it is!

Edit: if you use the blue RPGC skin, click on the color button right below the overlay checkbox. Then use the boxes to the right to define a custom color and enter the following numbers:

Mat: 144
Sat: 131
Lum: 85

Red: 41
Green: 81
Blue: 180

I’m using 16-bit colors in my monitor… Dunno if this will work with 32-bit, but it’s kinda cool here. You can find other color settings with the help of Paint & Print Screening.

Oh my, now I’ve actually got a reason to install WinAmp.