Cool optical illusion type dealies.

Dude … sweet. XD

Illusion 2 is obvious…interesting anyways.

The colors…awesome

The last one got me the most. The second was really obvious.

I love optical illusions like those. Going to go find more.


GGCrono, what webcomic is your avatar from? I’ve been trying to remember it’s name, but can’t.

Illusion 1/2 are pretty quick to catch on to, but 3…that was awesome

<A href=“http://www.brainteasercentral.com/uploads/illusion.gif” target="_blank">Get close to the screen, and stare at the cross without moving your head or your eyes even a little.</A>

I remember when I was young girl I was scared of the dark and if I stare at something it would seem to be moving.I was terrified.I think the same rule applies in the previous optical illusions.So in this case your eyes are the ones who do the tricking and not the mind :smiley:

Some of those are very close to hallucinations on hallucinogens. Lots of distortions like that.


That dragon thing is so weird.

:smiley: sweet, I want one of those.I wonder how they actually do it.