Whoa! This is trippy!

<img src=“http://www.ffcompendium.com/chara/10jecht2.jpg”><img src=“http://www.alicia-logic.com/capsimages/pc_214JohnnyDepp.jpg”>

They’re twins! Isn’t that fucked up!?

Great googly moogly… O_O;

your mom

About as fucked up as The OLSEN twins! Now THEY’RE fucked up! Fo shizzle.

Damnit Hades stop making bullshit threads for me to post on. :stuck_out_tongue:

Depp is still hotter. nod,nod

I’m sorry for spamming :frowning: But i’m really bored tonight, and I thought this was FUCKKKED up!

Very interesting… but where’s Jecht’s eyeliner?



more like triplets, they also look like “Dark Cloud” from Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

I have GOT to show this to my sister. :smiley:

Is Sir Percival actually Franz Liszt?
Anyone know where that picture of Sir Percival’s is? I don’t feel like looking through the entire pic posting thread.

Let’s not forget Sinistral and Hitler comparsion pics among other likenesses.

Hm who else around here resembles someone sorta famous?

LO FUCKING L bitches!

Wow, Jecht, and Jack are twins…WAIT! Even there names are similar! Creepy…

if i had a way to post another set of twins, i’d take my state id picture and post that next to a pic of adam sandler as little nicky(a fact i am not proud of but i sure as hell ain’t gonna lie about it either) but it is kinda disturbing that jecht and jack sparrow do have a resemblance…now how about just about any of the last few ff protagonists(in particular cloud, but zidane and tidus kinda fit the bill also) and gohan from dbz…that’s like quintuplets. or ramza from fft and the protagonist from ffta(i forget his name already since i gave him my name) there’s an identical set. or the coors light twins(probably the only cool thing about those commercials)

Whats the difference? People dont want to be like Jecht, people love Jack Sparrow.

J.D. rules the school. Screw mr. big scary “I’m a silly boss” guy.

The only difference I see is that Jecht isn’t British. :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: That’s actually a good point, Kiro…Jecht and Jack. I actually agree with you. >.>

Wow, pretty cool.

Buh. I don’t understand ye, Omega.