Whoa! Eric Robert Rudolph Arrested!

Hot Damn!


Took them long enough.

Thats an awfully hard way to look at it. We’re talking about a guy who basically lived in the woods and in those same mountains for almost all of his life. He was very familiar with them, and he knew how to get around them and hide in them because he had been going off for little getaways for years and years. He knew how to hide and he hid quite well.

Saying “it took them long enough” doesn’t mean anything, considering you sure as hell couldn’t find him either.

Have you ever been to Murphy, NC or any of the surrounding areas, Urkani? I have, and even with the recent development going on around there, there are so many trees and so many places to hide it’s just mind blowing. Plus, that area, specifically the more rural parts, tends to breed people that have a strong distrust of the federal government, and they very well could have helped him out.

Anyway, seven years. That’s pretty good. I wonder how fast his trial will go.

irrelevant, as its not Urkani’s job to find criminals.

Then perhaps Urkani shouldn’t criticize those whose job it IS to find criminals without knowing a little of why it took so long.

Irrevelant, as is Sil’s post regarding this thread.

Anyhoo, that might be a bit fun, to be able to find every nook and cranny to hide in in a wooded area.

Sorc, no I didn’t know why it took them so long and I honestly don’t care, I was merely giving my opinion, not asking why.

984, no I’ve never visited those areas and probably never will.

Right, your opinion was based on a lack of information, so I gave it to you reform your opinion.

Anyway, this is big stuff to me because I live within walking distance of where one of the bombs went off. If I had been home that day (I was at school), I would have felt the blasts. My mom worked around the corner from where we live at the time, and the blasts made her building shake.