who would win?

two epic battles who would win?

sailor moon vs sakura (with all her cards)

spawn vs hellboy

please choose one from each of the two. :moogle:

Sailor Moon and Sakura would tie

And Spawn would beat Hell Boy

I’m with Charle on the first one, but against him on the second.

Spawn can’t manage to beat one gigantic, evilly powerful demon-god. Hellboy is powerful enough that his threats scare off twelve of them, plus a fucking army of Spawn look-a-likes.

Hellboy likes kitties :3 he wins

Don’t forget Baby Ruth bars and Cigars. Spawn can’t beat a man who loves himself a good cee-gar.

Also, I think the fact that Hellboy is the superior ladies’ man is easily conceded?

Sorry to Spawn and everyone else but by seeing everyone’s skills I’m going for Sakura. She can torch/freeze/electrocute an area as big as a football court in mere seconds, create earthquakes big enough to bring down a city, nullify matter, pull a million weirdass diversion tricks and if anything else fails, she can stop time at will and cut the enemy with a sword. She may be a cutesy magical girl but that doesn’t take the fact that she’s got some doomsday-like firepower under her sleeve.

I’m gonna go off the board and say Big Jim Slade.

Sakura would probalby beat sailormoon. Sailormoon works better in a team, while Sakura can handle herself.

Not sure about hellboy vs. spawn.

How bout Rainbow Bright?

Personally I think that Sakura would beat Sailormoon.

As for Hellboy and Spawn. It would be close, but i think that Spwan would win out in the end, because he has that cool shoad, that he can use as a shield and a weapon.

SE: Sakura may have Doomsday-like firepower, but Hellboy has the fucking apocalypse literally just below the end of his sleeve.

uh i voted for both spawn and hellboy because they would probably team up against the other guys and win or something. like you know, if they played poker, spawn would b elike “i got a straight flush yo” and hellboy would be like “shit, full house, take that nazi’s”


Heh, I totally agree with you there.

Don’t forget now, Sakura’s the most powerful magician in the world, that she is.

Remember that hellboy beat the shit out of two Norse gods, also.

I think Gila’s right, though, Hellboy and Spawn would likely team up.