Who would win: Samus or Master Chief?

Spawned from an argument between me and OFX.

I say that Samus would kick his ass up and down the block.

Samus. She gots the moves, the guns, the gadgets, the experience, and the secks.

I had an idea to determine game of the year involving this.
In WWE Smackdown vs Raw, creating Samus Aran, Master Chief, Carl “CJ” Johnson, and Gordon Freeman, and having them fight it out.
The problem arose that Samus and Master Chief are really hard to make, but it’s doable.

They need to make a kind of super smash brothers, only with everything, not just nintendo. EVERYTHING. That would be fun.

Master Chief all the way . . . but an everything ssb?! how interesting . . . too bad no one else has as awesome characters as nintendo

It pains me to say this, but Master Chief. Not only does he have the backing of the marines, and fanboys… but He actaully has character development.

Samus has yet to show emotion in her games (save the gba games, which made me very happy).

Plus, samus cant look up while moving (Metroid Prime)! I love Samus, I really do… But metroid, as a series, is starting to bore the ever loving crap out of me.

SAMUS!!!11! She has many more weapons and more manuverability in my opinion.

Well, if Microsoft does buy Nintendo, then we’d have a better chance of seeing Master Chief vs Samus Aran.

But I’ll have to go old school on this one. Samus Aran>All.

Samus got the moves, the gad… aww crap its been already said =P

Solid Snake

The Fenril Knights. :enguard:

Samus, all the way.

I’m surprised no one mentioned girl power yet. I mean, come on! That’s powerful stuff!