Who would win in a fight?


If you fill the pinto with the weaknesses of all the other fighters, it’ll win, because as soon as something comes within 20 feet of it, it’ll explode in a massive fireball and destroy everything in it’s wake.

Those melting clocks dude, those things are TOTALY awsome. You can’t beat them, they like REFORM and MELT again liek JESUS or something MAN.


Voltron and a Waffle and that small robot that the mices piloted to kick that cats ass because well, I don’t know why, they just would.

The kitten. Duh. Look how cute it is. posts pic of random kitten

Scrambled Eggs or Pink Floyd (if they were listed).

Where is Kefka?

This kitten

Originally posted by Cybercompost
Scrambled Eggs or Pink Floyd (if they were listed).
By “Scrambled Eggs” I meant Pink Floyd

Sorry, I gotta go with Alexander the Great. You can’t beat one of the greatest Conquerors in all of history (and a few other things, but that’s immaterial.).

Whoever wields the swordfish.

A giant robot weilding a swordfish would win.

I’d say Odin…


Godzilla, Alexander The Great, and Skeletor would team up and win the world with their charm.


Odin and the kitten.

Am I the only one that thinks they’d make a great team?:hahaha;

I’m sure anything strong enough to be Defender of the Universe is strong enough to take on all adversaries.