Who would like a conversation with internet jerk Sk8!

Nah, not really. Only done it once and she had a smelly pooper.

here comes a new challenger! :eek:
alyx - number uno spot in the contest

only 4 more entries for people who dont care about a stupid internet jerk
or until people lose interest and i get depressed and start calling around the current winners :cool:

Kor isn’t Mexican, he’s Sebastian


I’m pretty sure that SK8 is just choosing his favorite people to win. And this is his excuse to talk to them on the phone.

Meh, has he even been here that long?

39… sup Sk8?

sup cro… no win sorry :no2: |

current winners not in any order:
alyx [already called] :biggrin:

feel free to private message me if you want me to call or not

3 spots left or until the thread dies in a car fire! :kissy:

He’s one of the server admins or moderators or whatever that the chatroom’s hosted on.

just so you know

also sk8 there better be some goddamn sexy stuff going on with our phone call :o
(maybe just record it)

live one on one <s>hot</s> phone <s>sex</s> conversation.

Wow, I won. :open_mouth:

  1. Wee. I really don’t care actually. XD



8 sup sk8

since everyone is parinoid etc, the standing comes to:

alyx [already called]
cless alven

you’re all winners, but i only called one of you so uh
if you want to have a conversation via aim or what not…
i’ll just leave it open “joseph familiar” via aim
also thanks to alyx for being the only one with balls to give me their number
thanks to the rest of you jerks for atleast making this 2 pages, i didnt think this would get more than 4 replies… feel free to IM me just let me know who you are before i see a “HI” and i block you
thanks again :slight_smile:

double post sorry :frowning:

i forgive you sk8

i guess 2

My phone number is 324-3000. Area code is 202.