Who Will Provide Us With Tasty Salad Dressing Now

Paul Newman has died. I shall miss his salad dressing for how can a dead man supply me with salad dressing if I am worried about his corpse contaminating it?

Meh, I like Hidden Valley Ranch the best. Whereever Hidden Valley is.

I think the sad thing is, this is exactly who Iw as thinking about when is aw this title.

Man, I’m gonna go eat a crapload of salad inhis memory. oh, and watch his movies too, I guess.

Wow, wasn’t seeing this coming, as I never knew how old the man was. >_<

Anyways, a toast of his salad dressing around the world. holds up glass of salad dressing

Haven’t seen a lot of his movies but I liked him in Cat on a hot tin roof and The color of money. $22o million in charity from the salad dressing you’re talking about ain’t too shabby either.

We’ve lost another one…quite a good man too. I liked watching his movies. But to be honest, he was getting on up in age and lung cancer tends to screw you over sooner or later.

He will be missed…

I eat healthy salad dressing, and Newmans Own is definitely not that. He made some effin’ awesome movies though.

I respected Newman. He was a great actor, did over 60 movies in his life, married Joan Woodward (for 50 happy years), managed to keep the Hollywood Press off his personal life, and set up a foundation to help charities. Now THAT is an admirable Movie Star.

Rest in Peace, Paul. :fungah: