Who whould win Gardevoir or Alakazam

I have always wondered which would win. Alakazam is faster and has slightly higher sp. attack but Gardevoir has higher defensive stats and can learn thunderbolt.

Alakazam has the speed advantage, as well as Fire/Ice/Thunder Punch which can cause Burn/Freeze/Paralyse. On the other hand, if Gardevoir has Synchronize, then that’s a bad thing since Alakazam will share the bad status. They can both learn Shadow Ball, though they both have poor Attack stats to use it.

In a pure brute force Psychic-attack fight, Gardevoir may have the overall advantage, as Alakazam’s Special defense is rather poor, and it’s Special Attack is only slightly higher than Gardevoir’s. Skill-wise, the only thing that really sets them apart are Alakazam’s punches, and their usefulness is nullified if Gardevoir has Synchronize. So I would probably have to say Gardevoir overall.

Edit: Whoops, duh, I missed the most obvious thing, and it was something you mentioned, Gardevoir’s Thunderbolt. The lack of STAB is made up for by the fact it’s not NVE like Psychic is, and it equals out to more total damage overall. (usually, but it depends on nature and values too so I don’t want to get into all that.)

(Starmie = best Psychic)

Here’s My Impression of a n00b…Neither…p1k4ch|_| r0xX0rs my BoXx0rs.

Honestly, I think Alakazam would win. But it’d be a close match. But my favorite Pokemon would probably be Charizard, because red dragons rule. But the TV show sucks

And lastly in terms of psychic power, Mewtwo Pwns all

Well, umm, actually. If I were to put in my 2 cents. Celebi is a way better psychic pokemon then Mewtwo

Gardevoir also has Calm Mind naturally. I dig Calm Mind. Calm mind makes bad stuff small bad stuff and it makes your bad stuff big bad stuff. Thunderbolt. How I despise thy power and thy Paralysis…

Yes, Alakazam can learn Calm Mind by TM. I know. And Alakazam tend to be a bit more rare than Gardevoir as you need to perform a trade-evolution… (Lucky I have a friend and an Alakazam as a result ;))

Christ I hated that guy. He was so, so broken in Red/Blue/Yellow. All you needed to do was get the first attack with him and he’d kill anything ever, any type, any level. H8 Psychics.

Mewtwo DOES pwn all. Which is why I never use him.

I havn’t use Gardevoir much, but unless said Alakazam also has Calm Mind, I can see Gardevoir getting the upper hand. Though one must also factor in that Alakazam can learn Recover, which GREATLY increases its staying power.

I also always teach my Alakazam Thunder Wave via a TM in RBY, which, for a pokemon as fast as he is, is a HUGE edge.

All in all, it COULD go either way, but I favor 'Kazam.

Recover would not help because Alakazam does not have the best SD. Thunderbolt would probably do more damage then he could recover. If Alakazam had thunder wave then he would get paralyzed too unless the Gardevoir had trace and the Alakazam had inner focus.

I thin the important question that everyone is ignoring is; why do the starting Pokemon in each series of colours (B/R/Y, G/Y/C, S/R, D) look considerably crappier than they shoukd?

No, the important question is how much do you all suck for posting seriously on this thread?

Which game is Gardevoir in? I’ve never heard of it before.

It’s in Sapphire/Ruby.

Because you should never underestimate the guys and gals here for memorising and reling off statistics and shit. :stuck_out_tongue:

And because what everyone seems to forget it that even though the merchandise, cartoons, movies etc all sucked to some varying degree of crap, the Pokemon games themselves are insanely good RPGs.

A-freaking-MEN, Pierson. :cool:


No way. I had Celebi in my G/S team and he’s crappy compared to Mewtwo. Even assuming you pump him up using items from the Mall there’s still no contest. Although I think now maybe Deoxy could finally give him a run for his money.

Let me just add that I think it sucks that we have to go to these whole promotional hoohahs in order to GET things like Celebi and Deoxys. Is it THAT much trouble to just put them in the game? I’m half-tempted to get a gameshark for the SOLE purpose of getting these buggers.


Actually the Japanese version of Crystal did have Celebi as a collectable guy. I’d bet that the Japanese version of Emerald will have Deoxys ripped out of it for the US in much the same way.

Emerald has Mew in Japan as a promotional, not Deoxys.

i loved mew in blue, i like restarted my game like 4 times so i could do it right…and it was so not worth it…i mean i loved mew just cuz like i was the only one to have it…so i felt awesome…