Who was the most evil Final Fantasy bad guy?

Who do you think was the most evil Final Fantasy bad guy?

Garland? Please, I’ve seen kittens that were more evil.

I voted other. These guys are pretty much just pyscho, which isn’t really evil.

Zeromus is evil.

lol well he WAS trying to destroy the world… and he DID kidnap the princess!

Sephiroth is the evilest.

I chose other…i think Vormav from FFT was the most evil. But mainly just because he frickin kills Izlude :fungah:

Zeromus is an incarnation of hate or something. Thats pretty damn evil.



Kefka an Incarnation of Madness and Raw power. Go Kefka.

I would like to add another Kefka vote to the masses.

It was hard between Kefka and Sephiroth. Kefka may have murdered everyone in Doma (I think) Catle, but Sephiroth did kill Aeris.
So I went for Sephiroth.
The most stylish has to be Kuja though, he may have looked a bit like a girl, but he was graceful and had the best quotes.

Edit: Such as “Goodbye my sweet lovable morons!” hehehhehe :mwahaha: :mwahaha: :mwahaha:

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Who is this?

I ve never head of him.

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[b]Who is this?

I ve never head of him. [/b]

Kefka is the main villian from FF VI. I’m voting Kefka. He’s a clown, and he tried to destroy the world, twice.

I voted Sephiroth, I mean this dude totally killed little sweet Aries. That’s DEFINITELY EVIL!!! Altough I didn’t really like Aries, but I think that’s Pure evil!!!

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Kefka is the main villian from FF VI. I’m voting Kefka. He’s a clown, and he tried to destroy the world, twice.

Actually…he did destroy the world and was ruling it.

Kefka was insane;there’s a slight difference between insanity and being evil. Zeromus, though, was the embodiment of hatred and evil, so thus, he IS the most evil. Since you can’t get that much eviler than evil itself.

Zeromus would get my vote. That or Exdeath. Though Kefka was pretty evil as well.

Sephiroth… he wasn’t that evil. Sure he wanted to destroy the world, but he didn’t do a lot of work himself… Shinra did more of that than him.

Kefka and Sephiroth were just mentally ill, that’s all. Jeeze, and Sephiroth only killed Aeries… big deal, he did the world a favour by doing that.
I’d have to say Zeromous or Exdeath… they were pretty evil, possibly Necron, cause he just came out of no where, and was gonna destroy everything for no reason at all. hmm… probably Exdeath, because he almost did destroy everything, I mean Zermous was pure hate, but really, he didn’t do much…

Seymour?! lol Oh man, that guy was nuts. Oh! How about Ultimecia? laughs again I don’t get why she was always using a K instead of a C. Can anyone answer me on that?:hyperven:

There are many different types of evil. Of them, none would cause Garland to be considered the most evil. Ever. <SARCASM>Oh no, he kidnapped the princess! He’s really evil now!</SARCASM>