Who wants to buy this for me?

<img src=“http://alnaute.free.fr/Image/ducati/st4s-6.jpg”>

i do i do i do!

Pardon my ignorance, but that’s a motorbike…so what?

it is cool, but im not buying it for you cuz im currently a jerk.

I will if it gets me into the RPGC Cool-Kids club.

So I want it!

id like it too,but i dont have the doe for it, i barely have enough to buy a new bike.

<img src=“http://www.originalbirdart.com/images/gg_fallow-doe.jpg”>

Now you do :slight_smile:

What are its specs?

Man, I gotta get me some doe like that…
Where you find it Steve?

Hades wants to finally have something powerful between his legs.

Yeah, to propel me to new levels of ecstasy. Oh wait, wrong drug. I meant speed.


even nicer
Kanedaaaaa! :smiley: I was thinking it would be awesome if someone actually made it and they have.
sqeeee! more

So it’ s a Ducati. If you gave me the money, I’ d get you one straight from Bologna. But you live a little bit too far from here…

I’m just surprised that’s not a Japanese motorbike, coming from Hades.

Ducati is a very expensive top-level Italian Motorcycle maker actually. They make motorcycles that compete in racing and the particular model Hades has picked out there costs in the $25,000-$40,000 range depending on the package you get. For comparison, most sports motorcycles are closer to the $8,000-$15,000 range.

I hate motorbikes.

Thats nice, but not the kinda doe im looking for,lol…and i dont want cooking dough such as pizza or bread dough. Maybe i should be more specific…MULA, CASH, MONEY!!! i think you get the hint now…if not…what the heck are you on…cuz i want some.

I can’t even ride a bike, how am I supposed to ride a motorbike?

Plus, it’s probably like with GTA or something, you just tap the back of a motorbike and the person riding go’s a-flyin’.

Oh it is, you have to watch out for other drivers who aren’t paying attention, a car hits a bike and it’s bad news.