Who wants musical boobs?

Who will be the first lucky lady to have her breast blare out sexy music?

Sometimes, technology scares me.

When can I get a PDA installed in my prostate?


Whiskey. Tango. FOXTROT?!

Meh… No thanks.

Turn up the volume… and the boobs will shake.

No thanks. I wouldn’t want No one likes you when you’re dead to start playing while having sex.

Maybe they’ll build in a usb slot so you can download new songs lol.

Obligitory “I would love to be the guy that installs that!” comment.

Maybe you wouldn’t.

For some reason, the first thing that popped up in my mind when I read it was boobs with a display and buttons.

Oh I don’t like this song. Squeeze

Smells like bullshit. I wouldn’t trust anything on Ananova. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, I needed a laugh! You guys are a riot!

Anyway, the Sun was mentioned in the article, so I really think this is more than a joke than anything.

That can hook up between people.

Also: Ipod touch wheel around the nipple.

Not bad. Suspicion rising at post 11, not bad at all.


Carry on my wayward sooOOOoon… >_>