Who wants Arkham Asylum for $48?

Thought I’d share this for those who intend on purchasing the game. Go here:

and at the checkout you can type in the coupon code 5OFFARKM to bring the price down to $47.99.

You’re welcome.

I am very wary of Batman games after Dark Tomorrow. God that game was awful…and it wasn’t even based off a movie, so it didn’t have the usual time constraints.

I’ve played the demo for AA and I was surprised. I’m really looking forward to it :slight_smile:

It seems to be a pretty decent game from the PS3 demo I played some months back. Kinda makes me wish I’d go out and get a 360 already…

PC Gamer’s preview was very impressed. Everything I’ve seen and heard about this game shows that it’s going to be utterly awesome.

Those in Toronto can get it for just under $39 by pre-order.