Who wants a Karl Marx plushie?

Or Nietzsche, or perhaps Einstein?

Where is a Voltaire?

Van Ghog’s wronged, the doll has two ears.

One of them is detachable. :hahaha;

No Voltaire :frowning:

It’s Che Guevara damnit.

Still, I’d buy the Buda doll just for the heck of it.

why does mozart look like dracula?

It’s the fashionable 18th century wig.

I want Einstein. :3

Take a guess of which one I want.

They need a little John Locke and little Thomas Hobbes.

Which rendition of Dracula? Bela Lugosi, Christopher Lee, or … ah, yes, he’s that thing with the aerodynamic hair that nobody actually sees in recent movies but which he’s nevertheless immediately identified with.

Steve should get the Che. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oooo, I’m getting Nietzsche!

Me too, Nul. Me too. :smiley:

Oooh, check out the Freud category. They have Freudian slippers! XD

Man, Einstein’s looks awesome. I want that one!

Oh dear God! Virginia Woolf looks like Podge from Podge and Rodge. If you don’t know who they are, well, you’re probably better off not knowing. Shudders.