Who posted..

Seriously :confused: Who posted the image of Rampage World Tour, a guy falling saying, “Oh shit, Spiderman. How do I shot web?” and the caption of Spiderman saying, “I dunno, lol” ? :frowning:

Oh yeah, or a direct link to it would be fine.

… k.

On a completely unrelated topic, you are not signature-free, since that saying in your posts is in your signature.

You have failed, Ren.

In what?

Siggy is an inside thing with Him.

Please explain further. I still don’t get it. Do you mean Him who was once banned from the chat?

Yeah, Him named me Siggy, basically. I also used it as a double meaning for kicks compared to the very long signatures, that is. But I was once free from the name but I guess I’m bound to it every time Him is around. And no hope for the picture… blarg.