who plays runescape

I want to know who else here plays runescape and if u do what are your stats?

attack-40 hitpoints-44
strength-51 crafting-34
defence-40 mining-49
ranged-20 smithing-43
prayer-29 fishing-54
magic-36 cooking-53
runecraft-26 firemaking-44
QP:39 woodcutting-48
Total-615 combat-54

wearing full rune with rune scimmy and dragon fire shield

I do, but I’m not allowed to play at home right now, and my college network prevents me from playing when I’m away, so don’t expect to see me on until around Christmas.
Joatmon - main char
Dorcas Aura - secondary char so I can see how the quests look in 3d
the secondary is pretty new, so she won’t show up in the high score lists, but Joatmon is on all the lists except runecrafting (Lvl 16 or so)

woah does no one play or not post or don’t read this.
I really want a pk-ing team if ur enterested add me on runescape or pm or email me =D

Mostly no one else here plays it. According to them, it sucks compared to MMORPGs that you need to pay for. I, on the other hand, don’t have money to spare.

I play, but my current net comp sucks too badly. When I get to college I’ll be playing, but I mostly mine (combat stats are in the 10ish range, mining is 35)

I used to play sporadically over the last three years, but I haven’t played it in a long time now. I don’t even know if my account is still active, but I can say that the game itself is interesting. However, those playing the free version like I did have a much more limited range of quests and items, and some of the skills aren’t usable there. The graphics update that was made at some point made the game look somewhat weird, but it’s still better than the crappy graphics that were in it before. Well, at least you’re not in danger of being randomly attacked by stronger players anymore. When I started playing, player killers were usually piled up outside the first town, just waiting for someone to walk by. But I suppose that’s commonplace in MMORPGs.

the improved version of runescape is what i prefer but the veterans say the old one’s better and playin on the free worlds blow, but i dont have much money so i cant go member :’). :bowser:

Runescape Classic is better? Pah! Sure I enjoyed it, but after Runescape 3d came out, I haven’t been back once.

i play runescape, my char is named blastoisecan and im level 68 combat, almost level 69 (what a coincedence.)
my stats are:
attack-55/ defence-55/ strength-56/ hits-55/ magic-38/ prayer-40/ woodcut-35/ firemake-39/ fishing-54/ cooking-56/ mining-47/ smithing-41/ crafting-31/ runecraft-16/ ranged-5/ overall-633

:runaway: i play runescape, my char. is a lvl 50

38def. 45 strength. 39 attack

Erm, necroposting is usually frowned on here. 8P


Resurrecting dead threads. The last post was made on 8-29-04, it is now 9-27-04. Almost a month later.

Almost, but not quite! lolololo

I played it a little bit and did not like it.