Who plays FFXI?

FINE! >:(

Yeah I hate RDM melee >_>

If you want to play a melee mage, be a Blue Mage in the upcoming expansion. RDMs are only in high demand if they’re mages. If I wanted a gimp, I’d invite a DRG or a DRK. RDM melee sucks. RDM is a mage onry, and they were given a sword because it’s tradition, not because it’s effective. The only times it is ever acceptable to melee are: a) pre-10, b) soloing, c) whenever you’re Discordian.

I’m the superior WAR in Kagon’s static. 100 damage difference, EZ, what?

PS. Leave me alone now, I posted. >_>

hay dai-chan look at me w. I’m glad you spent millions more than me just to do 100 more damage. >_> And I know you hate Discordian.

All the nice stuff she has was given to her by Gem. >_>p

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Question: What is “gimp”? I’m not really familiar with the game lingo, although some of it’s pretty obvious. There were some other classes that I was looking at, but RDM has always been my favorite for some reason. I was also considering something like a Dragoon or something, but I really don’t know. I always have a hard time choosing what to play on games, heh.

<img src=“http://www.vgcats.com/comics/images/030813.jpg”><img src=“http://www.popdizzy.com/archives/gimp/Grandma%20Made%20You%20Something%20Special!-thumb.jpg”>

Those are gimps.

Gimp is also a term used to indicate that your build/equipment/job/anything is unable to perform as well as it should, wether through player fault (in the case of your playing style, gear and build) or dev fault (in the case of jobs and skills).

For instance, a Red Mage gets Dispel at level 32, and Refresh at level 41. These spells virtually define the RDM job, and are the main thing you contribute to the party. Skipping these spells would make you a “gimped” RDM, since you can’t do the job expected of you properly.

That’s why FFXI is gimped. What kind of FF game makes Dispel actually useful? It’s supposed to suck!

Yes, Red Mages are god. RDM is essential in most party setups after level 41 (magic point refresh), and possibly the best soloer next to Beastmaster. Their limitless MP pool, enfeebling, defensive and damage over time abilities allow them to take down mobs other classes can’t. They also have very cool looking armor! RDM falls short in the damage dealing and weapon usage departments, and are mostly utilized in party play for support, healing and enfeebling.

In the context used above, a gimp is a character class that is not ideal, or doesn’t play their job in a way that allows for maximum experience points per hour. Generally, it’s a word used by people who think they are elite because of their job choice.

WoW. Oh wait you said FF game. Nevermind then.

Excellent. I’m very interested in soloing as well as party play, so this is looking like the class for me.

Sorry guys, don’t flame me too much for this but…


Soloed by RDMs

Amikiri, a Scorpion NM I would estimate to be around level 82.
Genbu, one of the four sky gods.
Cemetery Cherry A Treant
Bune, a level 82 Dragon

An RDM named Avesta has also soloed the NMs Ungur, Ash Dragon, Voluptuous Vivian, Zipacna. He’s soloed the The Scarlet King, Come Into My Parlor and Operation Desert Swarm BCNMs , and the Bionic Bug, Brothers and Holy Cow ENMs.

In conclusion, stop fucking talking you waste of bandwidth.

hi I know you got to level 20 and so you must know everything about FFXI please continue to contribute to this great discussion

An RDM soloed Genbu? Holy shit I love my job.

Hey eyebrow face! Not only did I get to 40, I got to 40 as a Paladin! So take that nub!

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