Who plays FFXI?

(Release Blue Mage Kagon >:O)

It’s going to be an advanced job, so you’re going to need level 30 so you can unlock it. You might as well get a headstart >:(

We miss you D:

I’d play FFXI if I could figure out how to make the graphics not suck.
Before I reformatted everything was nice and smooth, but after I reinstalled it everything’s all blocky and pixelly.

I have played the game. My opinion is set in stone that it fucking blows. If by some far chance they have changed it alot since the first few months after its launch then I might be willing to accept that the game is tollerable now…

However, judging from my past experiences, I have to say the game is simply so gay that it has a penis permenantly shoved in the back of its throat.

Thats right. I said gay.

1: I have a level 30+ character

2: I fully expect another RESTORE OLD ACCOUNT RARARA event with the release of the expansion. S-E would be retarded not to.

3: Ez owes me 600k.

I owe you nothing!

Yeah, sorry about kind of necroposting this but…


Guess I know why you like WoW so much.

P.S. Your opinion is now completely null and void in the continental US, Canada and Mexico.

P.S.S. DR, if you have any questions on gearing a melee job, ask me on AIM. =\

Izlude loves them pixel titties.

Aahahahaha. It all makes sense now.

Oh and yeah, you can ask us about gear for jobs, melee or mages, whatever. Those of us that still play know what all you’ll need.

You edit the registry keys HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\PlayOnlineUS\SquareEnix\FinalFantasyXI/0003 and 0004.

I’m playing again. Narmen on Phoenix.

Once I get settled back in, which should be sometime around March, i’ll be starting up some FFXI. What server does everyone play on, and are Red Mages any good?

Most of us play on Phoenix.

As for Red Mages, it depends on what you want to do. The main role of a Red Mage is mainly as support. They enfeeble mobs, Refresh/Haste party members (Refresh = MP regen), do a little nuking or curing (depending on subjob). Very few Red Mages melee after 41 (when they learn Refresh), and those who do are usually derided for it. You end up gimping either your magic abilities (by wearing melee gear) or gimping your melee (by wearing magic gear). If you want to melee, you’re best off soloing, and Red Mage is one of the best end-game soloers of DC+ mobs.

Or carrying/swapping WAY too much gear around <_<

Too bad you kinda need elemental staves at 51, so swapping weapons causes you to lose all your TP. >_>

Unless you try to enfeeble with a sword. Gimp.

I don’t see how saving TP is at ALL important to a non-soloing RDM <_<

It’s important because the piddling 10 damage you hit the mob for isn’t going to add up at all when everyone else is doing anywhere from 5-10+x your damage per hit. >_> Plus you’ll enfuriate any BRDs in your party if you melee, as you’re gettnig the wrong songs if you’re up meleeing.

I think most people know, but I’m Kagon on Phoenix.

That’s more an arguement against melee instead of saving up TP. The damage you do at the higher levels is shit with or without your TP, barring a 300% Spirits Within (or whatever it was called), and to get 300% TP in a party without using a wand is grounds for immediate termination <_<

RDM Melee sucks. If at any level after 20 your casting starts suffering because you want to melee, or you endanger the party by giving TP to dangerous mobs (or the aforementioned bard example) (or getting yourself killed with AoE damage) don’t do it. If you can toss out some melee while following the above, go for it. It either means that you’re a complete twink or completely stupid, possibly both, though, and chances are you’ll get labelled as the latter.

The way I went add it is load up with 4 different sets of gear: +mp, +mnd, +int, +melee. Start out in your +mp gear, blow your extra mp on stuff not likely to get resisted (such as refreshes or heals), swap to your +mnd or +int gear to debuff the mob, swap to melee to get a few hits in, then swap to the proper gear when you need to cast a spell. And for god’s sake, pay attention to the chat log and party. Switch back to +mp gear before you convert or rest up, and the cycle begins anew.

It’s not really an argment against melee in general though- I’m setting with 2 WARs, and they’re doing anywhere from 70-90 damage per axe, so that’s around 140-180 per attack round. That adds up a lot faster than 10 damage per attack round, especially considering the speed we go at. By the time I’ve finished pulling the mob back to camp and give the melee their songs, I’ve gone and pulled again.

I can’t make an argument aganst melee in general considering our parties are always NIN WAR WAR BRD (our set) and another melee (generally it’s been a MNK) and a WHM or RDM. We’ve partied with 1 BLM since 34 when our set formed. Full melee parties are disgustingly powerful and efficient- more so than manaburn, honestly.

Against RDM MELEE, lord :stuck_out_tongue: