Who no longer cares about FFXII?

It’s not that I dont care, it’s just that it’s been pushed back again and again and again, and now almost a year off, that It’s no longer on my priority list. Perhaps when it gets closer to the date I’ll get excited about it again, but until then it’s not worth thinking about.

I still care about it. I’m not raving-mad enthusiastic about it, like I once was about new FF releases, but I’m looking forward to it. I’m just a little wary of a game that literally has a bunny girl as one of its main characters.

I like Viera!!!

Note to Self: Sprite a/several Viera!

That is All!!

It’s one of the few games I’m still looking forward to. It’s been a while since I was actually excited about anything at all video-game-related. Maybe I’m finally growing up.

Oh No! You can’t grow up! Quick, check your temperature. Have you been feeling ill recently?

But seriously, I can understand where your coming from. I find it hard to get excited about anything these days.

I was never excited about it.When it comes out Ill just pick up a copy and be on my way;although it does suck that its been post-poned several ****ing times.Whats the hold-up?

It was delayed? Well… maybe that’s the Enix side of Square Enix finally coming into its own. They’re really bad about delays.

I’m with Cid. I’m a rabid game fan, and I just can’t find myself interested in too much that’s coming out.

I care about it. I’m not excited yet cause we’re not near the release date, but I will. It’s always a new FF afterall. I hope Square-Enix won’t mess up this time around…Postponing the release date isn’t necessarily bad since most bad games suck because of the developers’ run against deadlines.

Sat, I don’t really consider myself a “rabid game fan”. I mean, I’ve been playing games since I was 10, and I currently own maybe 15 games total, for PSX and PS2. Whereas YOU… are just sick, man. 8p
Actually, I think I used to get more excited than most gamers precisely because I bought so few games. Now I just have different priorities, I guess.

I’ve never really looked forward to many game releases, myself.

Sometimes, if I like see a preview of a game in a magazine, then it sometimes gets me wanting to play it. But I after a while, I usually forget all about it. Until I actually see it in the shops.

I’ve been gaming for about 12 years now (Tetris at 5? I was bad, but I played >.>), and while I’ve been excited over games, I’ve never really gotten all “I WANT THAT GAME THE MOMENT IT COMES OUT.” I don’t even really pay attention to what comes out nowadays. I might stop into a game store and browse to see if something catches my eye, but it’s rarely recent (my 3 most recent purchases: FFIX, Xenosaga I & II). Despite that, I still have all my old games and systems. I still boot up FFI if it works.

As for FFXII: I haven’t seen anything beyond pictures. Do we have any more info on it?

Sure: http://www.gamespot.com/ps2/rpg/finalfantasy12/index.html?q=final+fantasy+12

I’ll likely give it a rental… Don’t really have the time nor drive to dwelve into a 60+ hour RPG these days.

Sorry, I phrased that badly. I agree with you in the fact that there isn’t much to be too excited about right now. You never got too excited over game releases, but as someone who normally does get excited, I’ve only got a couple of things that I’m following right now.

I was never excited about it.

When seated right next to Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, this game just appears to fall short.

I could care less about when it’s release as long as it’s released. It’s not like I’m all “OH NOOOOOOO IT WAS DELAAAAAAAAAAAYED!” it’s a final fantasy, not Ocarina of Time.

Looking at this trailers:

I will honestly say that i am looking forward to FFXII. I like my games to look pretty. Sounds shallow? So.

Sounds a lot like FFXI to me.